Five Points to Understand The Thought of John C. Calhoun

I.  Pre-Compromise of 1820 Nationalism Let it not be forgotten, let it be forever kept in mind, that the extent of the republic exposes us to the greatest of calamities—disunion,” Calhoun warned as Secretary of War in February… Read More

Arts and Letters in Jacksonian America (Full Lecture)

A detailed look at the rise of romanticism and transcendentalism in Jacksonian America.

Democratic Party Origins (Full Lecture)

The origins of the Democratic Party, the unconstitutionality of parties, and the arrival of Manifest Destiny.  Full lecture.

Tocqueville: Aristocracy and Soft Despotism (Full Lecture)

Civil War Midterm Study Guide, 2017

Midterm 2017 Study Guide; Sectionalism and Civil War Instructor, grader, and would-be arbitrary Potentate: Bradley J. Birzer the Pitt Elder   Section 1: Essay.  “Explain the causes of the Civil War.” To cover the topic fully, you should… Read More

Democracy in America, Part I (Full Lecture)

The Second Great Awakening (Full Lecture)

Yesterday, my flu was still lingering, but it wasn’t incapacitating.  Still, if my lecture seems a bit off, blame in on the flu!!!  Or, the inadequacies of my brain. An examination of the rise of the democratic and… Read More

My Country: Washington, Burke, and Jefferson (Full Lecture)

George Washington, Roman Demigod Reborn (Full Lecture)

Monday, I had the great pleasure of lecturing on Edmund Burke.  Today, I had the equally great honor to lecture on George Washington.

Edmund Burke on Revolution(s) [Full Lecture]

Why Edmund Burke judged the American Revolution good and the French Revolution ill.  Full lecture.  Always a grand pleasure to talk about Burke.  It never gets old.

A Fulsome Thank You to Liberty Fund

My American Heritage class expressing its thanks to Christine Dunn Henderson and Mark Yellin for their fine work on the play, CATO: A TRAGEDY.

The Natural Life of a Republic (Full Lecture)

My American Heritage lecture for February 8, 2017: the life of a republic and why it reflects the best in human and divine nature.