Hawthorne and American Transcendentalism (Full Lecture)

Arts and Letters in Jacksonian America (Full Lecture)

A detailed look at the rise of romanticism and transcendentalism in Jacksonian America.

Timeline, Jacksonian America

Early Republic Timeline, 1807-1848; Birzer 1807     Jefferson Embargo 1809     James Madison becomes president Jefferson Embargo repealed 1810     Henry Clay elected Speaker of the House Fletcher v. Peck 1811     Battle of Tippecanoe 1812     War of 1812 begins

Over at TIC: Thomas Jefferson, Polar Star

My praise of Thomas Jefferson, our most brilliant president.

Biography and the Art of Being Human

A thought experiment: try to recreate everything you’ve done since you started reading this article. Every thought, every distraction, every movement, every feeling. Have you wanted some coffee? Have you thought about closing this page? Have you scratched that itch on… Read More

The Best of John Dickinson, Pennsylvania Farmer

[Unless otherwise noted, all quotes come from Forrest McDonald, ed., EMPIRE AND NATION (Indianapolis, IN: Liberty Fund, 1999).  As always, all honor to Liberty Fund] In response to the Townshend Acts, Dickinson published his Letters from a Pennsylvania… Read More

Audio Lecture: Founding of American Republic 1

  If you’re interested in the American republic and the founding period, this is my first lecture of the spring 2016 semester. If you’re so inclined. . .  enjoy!

Allen Tate on Oswald Spengler

Source: Allen Tate, “Spengler’s Tract Against Liberalism,” AMERICAN REVIEW 3 (1934): 41-47. tate 1934 on spengler

Conversations with Paul Elmer More, 1943

Source: J. Duncan Spaeth, “Conversations with Paul Elmer More,” SEWANEE REVIEW 51 (Autumn 1943): 532-545. Enjoy! conversations with PEM

Russell Kirk on Alexis De Tocqueville, 1953

“Tocqueville is a writer who should be read not in abridgment, but wholly; for every sentence has significance, every observation sagacity. The two big volumes of Democracy in America are a mine of aphorisms, his Old Regime is… Read More

Kirk’s On the Shoulder of Giants (Selections)

“Thus there cannot be brothers and sisters in a mystical sense without a mystical father. There is no brotherhood of mankind, in short, without the fatherhood of God. The Christian calls this kinship in Christ.” (420-421) “Among the… Read More


Reposted from the CU CTP: Please consider this post as a PSA for Colorado rather than for conservatism.  I have no idea what Kevin J. Anderson’s politics are, and, frankly, I’m happy knowing him only as a person… Read More