Commonweal on Babbitt and More, 1929

  A specifically Catholic examination of the New Humanism of Irving Babbitt and Paul Elmer More, 1929.  Enjoy. commonweal on new humanism 1929

Russell Kirk Biography Available for Pre Order

A number of you have very kindly asked about my forthcoming biography of Russell Kirk, founder of post-war American conservatism. I’m extremely happy to report: it’s now available for preorder! Here’s the link at And, here’s the… Read More

Sewanee Review on Humanism, 1930

sewanee on humanism 1930

Conversations with Paul Elmer More, 1943

Source: J. Duncan Spaeth, “Conversations with Paul Elmer More,” SEWANEE REVIEW 51 (Autumn 1943): 532-545. Enjoy! conversations with PEM

Interview with Paul Elmer More, 1943

pem interview Source: J. Duncan Spaeth, “Conservations with Paul Elmer More,” SEWANEE REVIEW 51 (Autumn 1943): 532-545.

Paul Elmer More, PAGES FROM AN OXFORD DIARY (full book)

Certainly one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read.  More finished it only days before his own death. pem pages from an oxford diary

Correspondence of Paul Elmer More and Stuart Sherman

Source: Jacob Zeitlin, ed., “Stuart P. Sherman and Paul Elmer More,” THE BOOKMAN (September 1929): 43-53. letters of sherman and pem

“Disraeli and Conservatism” by Paul Elmer More, 1915

Many regard this as Paul Elmer More’s most important essay.  Certainly, it is the article that inspired the “moral imagination” of Irving Babbitt, T.S. Eliot, Russell Kirk, and Winston Elliott. pem disraeli and conservatism Source: Paul Elmer More,… Read More

A “Revival of Humanism” by Paul Elmer More, 1930.

Originally published in March 1930, “A Revival of Humanism”–a fascinating critique of More’s best friend, Irving Babbitt, appeared in More, On Being Human (Princeton University Press, 1936), 1-24. PEM Revival of Humanism

The Philosophy Behind WW1 by Paul Elmer More, 1915

Another very intriguing article about the thought behind the warring power in the First World War. pem philosophy of war Source: Paul Elmer More, “The Philosophy of War,” THE UNPOPULAR REVIEW 3 (January-March 1915): 1-16.

Paul Elmer More, “The Lust for Empire,” 1914.

More’s rather intelligent screed against the philosophy behind World War I.  Enjoy. pem lust for empire Source: Paul Elmer More, “The Lust for Empire,” THE NATION (October 22, 1914), 493-495.

Paul Elmer More on St. Augustine

A wonderfully insightful essay on St. Augustine by one of the greatest men of letters of the past century, Paul Elmer More. The essay is a bit older than the book, but here’s the version from the 1909… Read More