Why Robert Nisbet Matters

I had a blast writing this article about one of my favorite thinkers, Robert Nisbet, for The American Conservative.   Thank you so much, Daniel McCarthy!

Voluntary Associations and America

Voluntary associations have played a vital and pervasive role in the development of the American frontier and West, as well as for the United States as a whole.  In an oft-quoted passage, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in Democracy… Read More

Request for Any Robert Nisbet Correspondence

Dear Anyone, I’m trying to collect any and all letters to and from Robert Nisbet (1913-1996). He wrote letters frequently, but no one has yet collected his correspondence except for the Library of Congress (which just has three boxes, mostly… Read More

A Few Nice Nisbet Quotes

“Traditionalist we may choose to label Burke, but the fact is, few minds of stature have ever given more brilliant witness to rights, liberties and equities in the affairs of government” “Insight into the nature of the totalitarian… Read More

Russell Kirk, “Ethical Labor” (1954)

This is one of my all-time favorite Kirk pieces, a 1954 article looking at the importance of sociologist, Robert Nisbet.  The two began to correspond in 1953 and, rather quickly, became close friends and allies. Enjoy Kirk at… Read More

Russell Kirk Biography Available for Pre Order

A number of you have very kindly asked about my forthcoming biography of Russell Kirk, founder of post-war American conservatism. I’m extremely happy to report: it’s now available for preorder! Here’s the link at And, here’s the… Read More