Dear Friends, I am extremely honored to announce that I have been named the interim President and CEO of The American Conservative magazine and its parent NPO. It is interim—a one-year position as steward (Faramir) as we search… Read More

Barry Goldwater’s 1962 Notre Dame Address

Though Russell Kirk only wrote two speeches for Senator Barry Goldwater, they were very, very good speeches. The two men made a mighty and rather natural team, bringing the best out of each other. Here’s the one he… Read More

True Educational Reform

  [From a few years ago. . .] As I had mentioned in a previous post, I’m heading to Indianapolis this weekend for a conference on the meaning of liberty and education. One of the finest books I’ve… Read More

Paul Rahe’s De Tocqueville

From a response, “Republican Virtue, Democratic Spirit,” delivered on April 7, 2009, at Hillsdale College to Paul Rahe’s excellent work on Alexis De Tocqueville. Thank you, Professor Schlueter for organizing this and for inviting me to speak.  Thank… Read More

An Important Note to Readers of Stormfields

Dear Stormfields readers, First, thank you! Second, for some reason beyond my control, WordPress erased almost 5,000 of you from my subscriber/followers list.  This happened to me about 2 weeks ago at this account and also at my… Read More

Man Will Never Dominate Nature

In this world, the possibility of exploitation will become most violent when men not only deny God but attempt to dominate nature.  C.S. Lewis explored the possibilities of men dominating nature during World War in both realistic and… Read More

Barbarians at the Gate

At midnight, August 24, 410, Alaric and his Gothic warriors entered the gates of Rome and sacked the city, pillaging, raping, and murdering for nearly three solid days.  Far from considering himself as a ruthless invader of Rome,… Read More