Beyond Tenebrae Now Out

My latest book, Beyond Tenebrae: Christian Humanism in the Twilight of the West, is now out from Angelico Press. The book is available for purchase at Angelico or at Considering longish definitions of conservatism and humanism, the… Read More

David Deavel’s Latest

My awesome friend, David Deavel, has been writing like a mad man (look at that sartorial color scheme for proof!).  Here are the results of his scary brilliance.  Enjoy! *** First, a couple of Q & A columns… Read More

Scripture and Martyrdom in the Early Church (Full Lecture)

Cicero (Full Lecture)

Roman Republic (Lecture)

Canonicity of Scripture

Ever wonder how the Bible was put together?  Of course, you have!  Here’s a handy timeline and guide. Canonicity of the New Testament.  The English word “Gospel” was first coined in 950AD in Lindisfarne, by an Anglo-Saxon monk/priest. … Read More

The Importance of Cicero (Handout)

The Importance of Marcus Tullius Cicero   Brief timeline of Cicero 106B.C.: born in Arpinum 81: Cicero writes Topics for Speechesand begins his profession as an Advocate (lawyer) 79: Cicero marries 79-77: Tours Greece and Asia Minor 75:… Read More

Prepare for Autumn: Read Ray Bradbury

My thoughts on Ray Bradbury over at The American Conservative. Bradbury’s talents also interested the governmental agency set up to destroy the U.S. Constitution in the name of protecting it, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Demonstrating a level… Read More

The Virtues and PreSocratics (Full Lecture)

One of my all-time favorite topics.  Never cease to be amazed by these brilliant and glorious pagans.

Herodotus (Full Lecture)

The first great historian of western civilization; the voice of Greek patriotism.

Genesis 1 (Western Heritage Lecture)

2 full lectures (that is, 2x the same lecture–two sections).  Genesis 1 in detail. Additionally, here are some of my ideas in essay form: And, here:

Introduction to Western Civ (Full Lecture)