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Donate to The Imaginative Conservative

Please consider giving to The Imaginative Conservative. Winston Elliott and Steve Klugewicz are mighty men, but they need support. Running a full-time website and institute is not cheap, sadly.   If you love (or even like) the seriousness… Read More

Liberty Classroom Black Friday-Cyber Monday

  Have you been thinking about joining Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom? YOU SHOULD! And, today (Friday, November 24, 2017, through Monday, November 27, 2017) is the day. Great prices, great lectures, and a great community—all dedicated to liberty… Read More

Aldous Huxley, “Time and the Machine”

[Transcription for the chapter, “TIME AND THE MACHINE,” The Olive Tree and Other Essays (London: ENG: Chatto and Windus, 1936), pp. 122-124] Time, as we know it, is a very recent invention. The modern time-sense is hardly older… Read More

Support Chuck Dixon’s New Universe

Only two more days to support Chuck Dixon and his new universe.  Please do! Alt★Hero is a world not too terribly different than our own. It is a world where the Wehrmacht generals overthrew Adolf Hitler and the… Read More

Canonicity of the New Testament

Canonicity of the New Testament.  The English word “Gospel” was first coined in 950AD in Lindesfarne, by an Anglo-Saxon monk/priest.  It means “God’s spell” or “God’s story.”  It is a translation of the Greek word euangelion.   Dates… Read More

The Eternal Love of St. Francis

Good morning, everyone. As many of you probably know, it’s the Feast of St. Francis. I’m also sure that not one of us is ignorant of the fact that 2017 has been a terrible year, in terms of… Read More