Faith as Struggle and Mother Mary as Comfort

Three years later, this essay rings just as true.  Still struggling, still relying. . . Of those I admired most—that is, the Catholics who bore witness to all of the love and best of Christianity—they each held a… Read More

Catholic Anarchy?

A close friend do of mine asked me how to explain the connection between Catholicism and philosophical anarchism (as in Tolkien’s beliefs).   Here’s my response, for what it’s worth. *** First, I try not to use the… Read More

The Historical Foundations of Protestantism (FULL LECTURE)

Western Heritage Lecture–what historical events “allowed” Protestantism to arise as it did.

Thomas Aquinas (Full Lecture)

St. Augustine’s CITY OF GOD (Full Lecture)


Intro to Latin Patristics (Full Lecture)

Martyrdom and the Early Church (Full Lecture)