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TIC on Agnosticism

Agnosticism is the ultimate stupidity and wickedness because it doesn’t so much reject God as ignore him. If I were God, I’d be more angry at such cold indifference than anything else… “Either God is, or he is not. But to which view shall we be inclined? Reason cannot decide this question. [Remember that Pascal’s…

via Why Agnosticism Is the Worst Idea Ever — The Imaginative Conservative

“Blessed Flesh of the Virgin Mary” — The Imaginative Conservative

Editor’s Note: Beata Viscera Marie Virginis (“Blessed Flesh of the Virgin Mary”) is a piece intended for the Communion section of a Mass honoring the Blessed Mother of God. This setting is a monophonic (one-voice) “conductus,” a musical form that gained in popularity during the lifetime of the medieval church composer Perotin, and which was intended to be…

via “Blessed Flesh of the Virgin Mary” — The Imaginative Conservative

Hillsdale College vs. The U.S. Senate


I’m furious about what was said about Hillsdale College in the Senate last night. Not that I ever have held respect for politicians, but these folks owe us a HUGE apology.

Hillsdale was color-blind from DAY ONE of its existence–back in 1844. We were founded by abolitionists, and one of our first great speakers and visitors was Frederick Douglass.

Hillsdale was the first college to allow women the right to earn a liberal arts degree.

Almost every single male student volunteered on day one of the U.S. Civil War to fight for the Union, and many gave their lives playing a central role in the defense of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. Outside of the military academies, not a single northern college can match what we did.

Hillsdale men served valiantly in the 2nd, 4th, and 24th Michigan regiments.

In the 1950s, Hillsdale refused to play a major football game because blacks were not allowed on the field.

To this very day, Hillsdale remains COMPLETELY and 100% blind when it comes to the color, race, ethnicity, and religion of its students.

We–as a college–were in favor of racial equality long before the Federal Government was.

So, Senators–feel free to manipulate and cajole and stab each other in the back. Do us a nice courtesy and just leave us alone. That’s all we ask. No help, and no hindrance. You have never sought equality. You seek uniformity. Go to the devil.

Ave, The Medieval!

The Medieval Church culturally unified Christendom through a common language, Latin, and a common liturgy, tying men together with other men of their own time, but also with the whole communion of saints… “The Fight Between Carnival and Lent,” Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1559) Petrarch, ca. 1350, first employed the term “Medieval” to argue that…

via A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Middle Ages — The Imaginative Conservative

Guardini and Modernity

Modern man is an empty, soulless husk, a shadow of humanity. He looks the part, and he goes through all the motions, but he does nothing of his own volition… “Man himself faces this same question of ‘place.’ Where is the place of man? The question seeks answer not merely as to the place man…

via Romano Guardini’s Diagnosis of the Modern World — The Imaginative Conservative

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