Lee Edwards: Conservative

Lee Edwards has not just known the greats of post-World War II conservatism, but he has also lived with them, and as one of them… Celebrating his eighty-fifth year on this earth, Lee Edwards is a remarkable cultural treasure, a man’s man, a gentleman’s gentleman, and a conservative’s conservative. Biographer of Ronald Reagan and of…

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The Klug’s Christmas Suggestions

Here are four recently-published books and four new classical music albums that I have greatly enjoyed this past year… Books I’ve read several excellent biographies (and one great autobiography) this past year. Foremost among the former is Jan Swafford’s magisterial Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph, which could easily be termed the definitive biography of perhaps the greatest…

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From TIC: Ride the High Country

For students of leadership for a just society, Ride the High Country crystallizes beliefs and codes of behavior worth studying, affirming, and claiming today… If you want to know what made the statesman and military leader George Catlett Marshall (1880–1959) great, then watch Ride the High Country (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), and you will receive a taste of that knowledge. This…

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$20/Yr Print Subscription to THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE

A year-long subscription to THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE for $20.

It’s back, our FRIEND OF BRAD promo. Or, FRIEND OF BIRZER. Your pick. The blessing of an alliterative name!

Just click the link below. Treat yourself to something tangible. Annoy your liberal friends. Keep your kids happy while away at college. Buy one for your first grandchild.  Heck, at this price, you can use it for kindling!  Ok, don’t do this, but you could give a subscription to your local public library or school library.  So many possibilities.  Just a click away.

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TIC on Agnosticism

Agnosticism is the ultimate stupidity and wickedness because it doesn’t so much reject God as ignore him. If I were God, I’d be more angry at such cold indifference than anything else… “Either God is, or he is not. But to which view shall we be inclined? Reason cannot decide this question. [Remember that Pascal’s…

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“Blessed Flesh of the Virgin Mary” — The Imaginative Conservative

Editor’s Note: Beata Viscera Marie Virginis (“Blessed Flesh of the Virgin Mary”) is a piece intended for the Communion section of a Mass honoring the Blessed Mother of God. This setting is a monophonic (one-voice) “conductus,” a musical form that gained in popularity during the lifetime of the medieval church composer Perotin, and which was intended to be…

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