The Return of “Enemies of the Permanent Things” — The Imaginative Conservative

Of all Russell Kirk’s books, Enemies of the Permanent Things has the oddest history. Its origins were in the Darcy Lectures that The post The Return of “Enemies of the Permanent Things” appeared first on The Imaginative Conservative.

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RUSSELL KIRK Nominated for Paolucci Book Award

WSJ cover of RAKI’m thrilled that RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE has been nominated as a finalist for the Paolucci Book Award.

Lexington, KY-University Press of Kentuckybiography, Russell Kirk: American Conservative by historian Bradley J. Birzer has been named a finalist for the Henry and Anne Paolucci Book Award given by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. ISI is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the promotion of conservative thought on college campuses. It was founded in 1953 by Frank Chodorov with William F. Buckley Jr. as its first president. The award honors the book that best advances conservative principles.

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Extremely proud to be published at  My thoughts on the libertarian element of the American founding.

Historically, one can also state that the American founding period (1761 through roughly 1806) represents one of the finest attempts in the history of the world to allow classical liberalism to flourish at any level beyond something particularly local.

Not that the United States of America was perfect. Far from it. Its sins and failings are as powerful and as depressing as the sins and failings of any political entity in history. And yet, while the mistakes the United States (as a government and as a people) has made are atrocious, the successes of the republic are equally strong.

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The Freedom of a Life: A Hayekian View


Here’s the main problem for scholarship dealing with free will—it’s outrageously messy. For a moment, imagine how many people had to come together just for you to be here. You’re sitting (presumably) there reading this. Maybe you’re at the office, maybe you’re sitting in your lounge chair or maybe you’re at the coffee shop. Try to calculate how many people had to come together—biologically, to pro-create—for you to be here, wherever you are as you read this…. You have your folks, their folks, and their folks. Beyond that, we start getting fuzzy. And, why not—who in normal life keeps track of family beyond three or four generations? It becomes not just fuzzy but actually hazy after our great-grandparents. Regardless, every one of them had to make decisions for you to be reading this now, to exist at all. All those decisions by all those people. How many corners turned or not? How many decisions made or not? Was the act of coming together rational or purely passionate? Or, some mixture of each? How much gumption was there? Did he ask her to the dance, or did he freeze at the moment? Most likely, the former if you’re reading this. Did she drop her handkerchief on purpose, or was it purely accidental?

My very Hayekian take on life.  Over at The Imaginative Conservative.

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Conservatism Means Conservation — The Imaginative Conservative

Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords readers the opportunity to join Roger Scruton as he considers the conservative nature of environmentalism. The post Conservatism Means Conservation appeared first on The Imaginative Conservative.

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Scrivener for iOS!

Well, I realize it might be a bit silly to love a piece of software, but I do love this one.  Great news–not only an update to the MacOS version but only a week away from an iOS version.  I’ll be making my purchase immediately.  Scrivener is, to my mind, the single best piece of software for any writer.



Hello Scrivener Users,

Exciting times! Our iOS version is finally ready and will be released next week. Ahead of that, we have a 2.8 update to Scrivener for macOS ready, which you will need to download if you plan to buy and use our iOS version. Please read on for more details.

(Please do not reply directly to this e-mail address as it is only sporadically monitored – use or instead – thanks!)

Note: you are receiving this e-mail because you subscribed to the Scrivener newsletter or because, when you purchased Scrivener, you ticked the box saying that you were happy to receive Scrivener-related news.

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Hunter Baker for Congress


A truly great man.

Dear Readers of Stormfields,

First, as always, thank you!  I’m deeply honored (and more than a bit surprised) there are so many of you!

Second, as I hope you know, as much as I love talking about current events and political philosophy, I rarely if ever get involved in practical politics.  Not just because I’m not good at it (I’m not!), but because I might actually be a curse!  I’m 48, and I’ve yet to vote for a winning presidential candidate.  This year, I publically (well, maybe “openly” is a better description), endorsed Rand Paul and then Ted Cruz.  Within days of me speaking in their favor, they each dropped out of the race.

So, Dear Lord!, please do not let this curse fall upon this great man, Hunter Baker.  I’ve known Hunter for many years now, and I think the absolute world of him.  Let me briefly list his qualities:

  • he’s his own man
  • he’s hilarious
  • he’s brilliant
  • he’s tough
  • he knows exactly who he is

And, I’m only scratching the surface and stating what is absolutely obvious to any person who has had the blessing of meeting and knowing Hunter.

Honestly, I can’t imagine a better person to serve in the House.  I’ve begun as many crazy long prayers as I can on Hunter’s behalf.  I would ask that you lend your support to him in any way possible–whether through your own treasure, your talents, or your prayers.

He is truly a man who understands the American Founding and the truths of a republic.

Yours, Brad

[P.S.  This endorsement is completely spontaneous, and it is NOT–in any way, shape, or form–approved or instigated by the Hunter Baker for Congress campaign]

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