The 1950s (Full Lecture)


Bill Haley, Rock ‘n’ Roll.

C. Wright Mills, Russell Kirk, conformism, TV, the Military Industrial Complex, love, and rock n roll.

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WSJ cover of RAK

I found out late yesterday afternoon that the University Press of Kentucky will be publishing RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE in paperback for their spring 2018 list.

How great is this???  I’m thrilled.

I’m not sure how many changes I’ll be able to make to the text, but, amazingly, I’ve found only one typo thus far.  The press has been extraordinary.

This said, if you’ve had a chance to read the book, I would love a review at  Indeed, it would mean a great deal to me.  Only if you have time or desire, though.


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Blacks During Reconstruction (Study Guide)

Reconstruction study guide: What happened to Blacks?

Ho-for-Kansas exodusters

Lincoln died before he could fully articulate his own vision, but we do have some glimpses.  Lincoln and his cabinet launched a plan to remove and colonize the ex-slaves somewhere in Latin America.  Lincoln told a group of groups visiting the White House: “There is an unwillingness on the part of our people, harsh as it may be, for you colored people to remain with us” [quoted in Johnson, AMERICAN, 497].  After failed negotiations with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica, they settled 450 in Haiti in 1863.  Proved a disaster–the colony was whipped out by small pox and starvation.  Result: pretty much left alone, and blacks did incredibly well.  Followed the model of almost all other immigrant groups.  “Free from competitive counterpressures and strongly equipped to enforce compliance, public officials could discriminate pretty much as their pleasure or caprice might dictate.  Under these circumstances it was a definite blessing for the blacks that the governments of the post-bellum South were still quite limited in the range of functions to which they attended.  Such salvation as the black man found, he found in the private sector” (Higgs, Competition and Coercion, 133).

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Reconstruction Study Guide

lincoln and reconstruction


Reconstruction Study Sheet: Birzer

Three big questions being asked:

  • What to do with the Southern states?
  • Which is more powerful–the Legislative or Executive branches?
  • What to do with 4 million emancipated slaves?

Each question carried with it a very strong taint of bitterness.

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Progstock: October 13-15, 2017


Even before two lectures delivered on the cultural changes that accompanied America’s Great Depression, I had the great privilege of talking with Tom Palmieri, manager of Circuline and fountainhead behind Progstock 2017.

Though we only had about 30 minutes to talk, I found Tom quite engaging and incredibly entrepreneurial.

Progstock 2017–hopefully the first of many more to come–will be held October 13-15, this year, in Rahway, New Jersey, a part of larger New York City, just to the west of Staten Island.

The lineup is simply astounding, featuring Glass Hammer, Echolyn, The Tangent, Karmakanic, 3RDegree, Simon Godfrey, and even our own Jason Rubenstein.

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The Great Depression (Full Lecture)


Why the 1930s were “red.”

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TR, Wilson, or Coolidge? (full lecture)


President Calvin Coolidge–one of the best men in American history.  I’d take one Coolidge over a thousand Wilsons.

“When a man begins to feel that he is the only one who can lead in this republic, he is guilty of treason to the spirit of our institution.”–The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge

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