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The qualities that I would love most of all to see in all our students could not be better described than by Edmund Burke’s account of the chivalric demeanor: “that proud submission, that dignified obedience, that subordination of the heart, which kept alive, even in servitude itself, the spirit of an exalted freedom”… 871 more…

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Death on a Friday Afternoon (TIC)

Not only did Jesus manifest Himself as the Logos so long desired in the pagan West on that Friday afternoon, but He also manifested Himself as the Christ, the true and eternal king. 1,634 more words

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I’ve Not Been This Taken With YES in Almost 2 Decades

Review of Yes, FLY FROM HERE: RETURN TRIP (Pledgemusic, 2018). Tracks: Fly From Here, Parts 0-V; The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be; Life on a Film Set; Hour of Need; Solitaire; Don’t Take No For an Answer; and Into the Storm. Standout tracks: Madman at the Screen; Into the Storm. Sailor, sailor beware. […]

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Barbara Elliott at Her Writing Best: John with Jesus (TIC)

I went with Peter to make the arrangements for the Passover supper. When we arrived in Jerusalem, Jesus had told us to look for a man carrying a pitcher of water. 1,771 more words

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Podcast with John Miller–THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING

NR Great Books Miller

One of many JJM projects to save the world!

My great friend and ally, John J. Miller of NR fame, and I had a blast talking all things, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING.  30 minutes of us bloviating with enthusiasm, if not wisdom!

Is the West Worth Defending by Joe Pearce (TIC)

We should respond to the question of whether the West is worth defending by first asking the more important question of which West it is that we are being asked to defend… 726 more words

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The Flower Kings–UNFOLD THE FUTURE (2017) review

A review The Flower Kings, UNFOLD THE FUTURE (2002; remastered and reissued, 2017). Tracks: The Truth Will Set You Free; Monkey Business; Black and White; Christianopel; Silent Inferno; The Navigator; Vox Humana; Genie in a Bottle; Fast Lane; Grand Old World; Soul Vortex; Rollin’ the Dice; The Devil’s Schooldance; Man Overboard; Solitary Shell; Devil’s Playground; […]

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