The Killing Fields, Study Guide

the killing fields blu ray

[Originally published at TIC]

Review of “The Killing Fields,” by Roland Joffe (director), Warner Brothers, 1984.  Re-issued on Blu-ray, 2014 in hardback digi-book form.

Based on the true events of a New York Times employee, Dith Pran, (a native Cambodian; Khmer) who has to escape the Cambodian gulag, ca. 1976, the movie follow Pran through his horrific and terrifying escape from the Khmer Rouge, a journey that took four years from beginning to end.

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Horrors of Communism (Full Lecture)

horrors of communism colors

With an emphasis on the Hiss-Chambers trial, the horrors of communism.

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The “Machine” of Ideology (Full Lecture)

rak on ideology as slavery.001

My follow-up to last week’s talk on Progressivism.  Now, the meaning of ideology and its inherent and inevitable demeaning of the human person.  All ideologies–left and right.

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Matthew Colville’s Dungeons and Dragons Videos

Dungeons_&_Dragons_5th_Edition_logoI’ve been proudly playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) since 1980.

Yes, 1980 was back when a number of folks feared that the game itself was evil.  Jack Chick was worked up as was Tom Hanks.  I still remember my mother talking to another friend’s mother, worried that we might be doing something to conjure up the devil.

Honestly, I’ve never understood this, as D&D more than anything else taught me the glory of the ideas of imagination, free will, and morality.  D&D seemed not just the opposite of evil, but a very refuge from the evils that seemed to lurk on all sides of life back in 1980 (most of the chaos and evil was personal and in my very family, as I tried to navigate around and away from it all).

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Progressivism (Full Lecture)


A look at the theory behind progressivism and why it is a theory of history, neither left nor right.

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I, Hayekian


Friedrich August von Hayek

I’ve been writing a weekly column for The Imaginative Conservative for almost seven years now. Of the roughly 350 pieces I’ve written, this is among my favorites.
So glad to be able to thank men such as Walter Grinder, Leonard Liggio, David Hart, Chandran Kukathas, David Beito, Peter Boettke, and David Schmidtz, Since 1990, I can also thank Steve Horwitz, Randy Simmons, and Jim Otteson.
I’m not sure if they’ll agree with what I’ve done to our beloved Hayek, but here’s hoping. . .
Through these mentors, I found out rather quickly that Hayek wrote not only about economics, but also about law, constitutionalism, culture, history, individualism, associationalism, psychology, the social sciences, and the Greats of Western Civilization. He was, I realized, a true Renaissance man, in the very best sense of this term. As a history major, though, I tried very hard to apply all that I’d learned of Hayek to my own chosen craft. Sometime around 1992, it hit me that all real history came down to biography. Whether or not the generous mentors listed above or Friedrich Hayek would recognize my statement as true, I must attribute this insight to them and their influence. Indeed, if I have had any success at contributing anything to the fields of history or biography, it is this extremely Hayekian insight.
I, Hayekian.
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Reconstruction (Full Lecture)


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