Progstock: October 13-15, 2017


Even before two lectures delivered on the cultural changes that accompanied America’s Great Depression, I had the great privilege of talking with Tom Palmieri, manager of Circuline and fountainhead behind Progstock 2017.

Though we only had about 30 minutes to talk, I found Tom quite engaging and incredibly entrepreneurial.

Progstock 2017–hopefully the first of many more to come–will be held October 13-15, this year, in Rahway, New Jersey, a part of larger New York City, just to the west of Staten Island.

The lineup is simply astounding, featuring Glass Hammer, Echolyn, The Tangent, Karmakanic, 3RDegree, Simon Godfrey, and even our own Jason Rubenstein.

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TR, Wilson, or Coolidge? (full lecture)


President Calvin Coolidge–one of the best men in American history.  I’d take one Coolidge over a thousand Wilsons.

“When a man begins to feel that he is the only one who can lead in this republic, he is guilty of treason to the spirit of our institution.”–The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge

Progressivism’s Origins: In Pure and Unadulterated Racism


Just a quick note–the quotes below from E.A. Ross–a leading public intellectual during the Progressive Era–are quite disturbing and despicable.  Still, when Progressives claim they favor equality, they must at least acknowledge their rather brutal past.  Ross’s views are typical of the era, especially when all Eugenists were Progressives.


The following quotes are all from Edward Alsworth Ross, The Old World in the New: The Significance of Past and Present Immigration to the American People (New York: The Century, 1914).


“The influence of the Germans in spreading among us the love of good music and good drama is acknowledged by all. But there is a more subtle transformation that they have wrought on American taste. The social diversions of the Teutons, and their affirmance of the ‘joy of living,’ have helped to clear from our eyes the Puritan jaundice that made all physical and social enjoyment looks sinful. If ‘innocent recreation’ and ‘harmless amusement’ are now phrases to conjure with, it is largely owing to the Germans and Bohemians, with their love of song and mirth and ‘having a good time.’” (pg. 54)

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Civil War Battle Study Guide

battle-of-lookout-mountain-1Birzer Civil War Study Guide, Spring 2017

Battles to Know/Army of the Potomac Leaders (No naval battles listed)



Battle of First Bull Run

Battles of Wilson’s Creek/Lexington (Missouri)

Battle of Ball’s Bluff



Battle of Forts Henry and Donelson

Battle of Shiloh

New Mexico/Southwest Campaign

The Peninsular Campaign

Antietam Campaign

Battle of Fredericksburg

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The Killing Fields, Study Guide

the killing fields blu ray

[Originally published at TIC]

Review of “The Killing Fields,” by Roland Joffe (director), Warner Brothers, 1984.  Re-issued on Blu-ray, 2014 in hardback digi-book form.

Based on the true events of a New York Times employee, Dith Pran, (a native Cambodian; Khmer) who has to escape the Cambodian gulag, ca. 1976, the movie follow Pran through his horrific and terrifying escape from the Khmer Rouge, a journey that took four years from beginning to end.

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