Andrew Jackson: Democrat or Old Republican? (TIC)

When Andrew Jackson died in 1845, he had still not aligned himself officially with the Democratic party, still believing himself a natural and cultivated republican. Was he, then, an Old Republican?… 1,728 more words

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Cultural Debris: Two Conferences & the Future of Our Civilization (TIC)

There still are men and women enough among us who know what makes life worth living—enough of them to keep out the modern barbarian, if they are resolute. 3,492 more words

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Grace in the Unredeemed Land of Middle-Earth – The Imaginative Conservative

In almost every way, J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Passage of the Marshes” presents a deeply frightening and suffocating experience for the reader, as the two Hobbits and the decrepit Gollum move across a landscape that has become devoid of grace… (essay by Bradley Birzer)
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The panel.

A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful privilege of speaking with Lee Edwards, Rod Dreher, and Bob Merry about the legacy and future of conservatism.  We had a lively (and civilized) discussion.  And, I even got to tease my wife.  All on live TV.  Thankfully, the good folks at CSPAN preserved it for the ages.  I hope you enjoy![UNIQI

Mead Halls in Winter: Big Big Train as Community — Progarchy

One of the wildest and most disturbing aspects of modernity is how compartmentalized everything becomes. One important thing (a person, an idea, an institution) becomes isolated and, in its isolation, takes on its own importance, its own language (jargon), and, naturally, its own abstraction. During the past 100 years, a number of groups have tried […]

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Vapor Trails by Rush at 16: Peart’s Victory

It would not be an exaggeration to argue that meeting Carrie Nuttall served as one of the most important moments in Peart’s life and in precipitating Rush 3.0. In her, Peart found a reason to live fully, a reason to rediscover excellence, and a reason to return to his life in Rush. It was through […]

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