I would love to review your cds (prog, rock, and experimental), your novels (scifi, horror, and fantasy), your scholarly works (history, biography, political philosophy, culture, arts), or your graphic novels (any).  I have extensive reviewing skills–honed over the past three decades.

For e-submissions (perfectly fine), please contact me at bradbirzer [at] gmail [dot] com

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  1. Re your recent article at THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE on Russell Kirk: Please see my online article “Conservatives’ Ex-Gay Phobia.” Until conservatives take a firm hold of the fields of psychology-psychiatry, law, education, and media–by establishing counterinstitutions and growing them, and then forcing real confrontation between Right and Left–the West will continue its downward slide.

  2. I just happened across the end of your appearance on Book TV. My father was Raymond English, who was a long-time friend and colleague of Russell Kirk. I appreciated so much your saying that Kirk would be unhappy with the current “expression” of conservatism. I’ve been thinking so much lately how much my father would be horrified and frustrated by both the current Republican presidential candidate and the “Tea Party.” I confess I’m not as conservative as my father was, but I believe that we need intelligent, thoughtful conservatives like Russle Kirk (and Raymond English).

  3. I’m well into your wonderful book on Russell Kirk-I keep it and The Conservative Mind close by these days, as it seems the most difficult thing to conserve now is the essence of conservative thought (if that makes sense). If I may be an amateur editor for a moment, I’m curious about the use of the word ‘exorcised’ on page 71 of your book in reference to Kirk removal of references to Isabel Paterson. It seems a strong word, compared to your description of their relationship. Again, thank you for this wonderful book!

  4. Mr. Birzer,
    I am a 6th grade student in a CBG (Center Based Gifted) program. I just finished a project writing about the Articles of Confederation. I want to thank you for writing “Three Cheers for the Articles of Confederation.” It gave me so much insight about this first plan of government. I made my whole group read your article. Our final paper is due tomorrow, and it is called “The Articles of Confederation: Legacy Legislation, Not Loser Legislation.” Thank you for making what i thought was a dry, boring topic so interesting.

  5. Greetings, Professor Birzer:
    I host a weekly radio show for EWTN, “Call Me Catholic,” a very light conversational program about Catholic culture and lifestyle that airs live on EWTN global Catholic radio every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern.
    I would be grateful for an opportunity to dialogue with you on the air about Charles Carroll, a Catholic patriot about whom you know much. It would be a brief interview, about 15 minutes, but I’d like to add it to my Fourth of July-themed program which is being broadcast June 30.
    Could you be available by phone on Saturday, June 30, at approx 1:10 PM(Eastern time) for about 15 minutes?
    Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,
    Peggy Normandin
    Host, EWTN’s “Call Me Catholic”

  6. Professor Bizer, I am interested in your book “In defense of Andrew Jackson” specifically to answer the question what is the truth about President Jackson’s “Tariff of Abominations” enforcement on South Carolina to the point of invading them with Federal Troops to enforce it? It gets fishy because it is said that Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln the tyrant’s idol, came to the rescue? I’m of the opinion that the democrat party was the original conservative party i.e. ‘Jefferson Democrat’ = conservative until Grover Cleveland and the first conservative Republican was President McKinley but I’m no expert on the issue. Could you recommend any books on this issue, whether authored by you or someone you trust? Thank you for what you do. Keep up the good work

  7. Dear Professor Birzer,

    I have just finished your J. R. R. Tolkien’s Sanctifying Myth. What a marvelous piece. A breath of fresh air for my soul. So little of what I have read about the man has even broached the subject of his faith, here you leave it inescapably for all to see. it was such a wonderful read and I shall ready if through many times over. I look forward to reading your other works. Thank you for work you have done.



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