Is the new iPad lineup confusing? Let’s talk about it.

Last Tuesday, Apple released two new significant updates to its lineup of iPads. First, it brought the M2 chip to the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models. Those units also get a new hover mode feature for Apple Pencil. Here’s how Apple describes that feature:

Apple Pencil is now detected up to 12 mm above the display, allowing users to see a preview of their mark before they make it. This also allows users to sketch and illustrate with even greater precision, and makes everything users do with Apple Pencil even more effortless. For example, with Scribble, text fields automatically expand when the pencil gets near the screen, and handwriting converts to text even faster.

In addition, Apple also introduced a new 10th generation iPad (no suffix). This model brings the newer iPad design language to the iPad: uniform bezels and flat edges. As with the iPad Air, the Touch ID sensor has been moved to the Sleep/Wake button. As with all of its no-suffix forebears, the 10th generation iPad is limited to first generation Apple Pencil compatibility. With the 10th generation iPad, Apple also introduced the new Magic Keyboard Folio. Compatible only with the 10th generation iPad, the Magic Keyboard Folio is a two-piece design. It has a back cover with an adjustable stand and a detachable front cover that, on the inside, sports a trackpad and keyboard. In a first for an Apple-branded iPad keyboard case, there’s even a row of function keys. People have accused Apple of copying the Microsoft Surface keyboard case for years, and the Magic Keyboard Folio is certainly the most Surface-y iPad keyboard accessory yet. The 10th generation iPad also moves the front-facing camera to the landscape edge of the iPad, something no other iPad has ever had.
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