Robert E. Howard Sources

I’m thrilled to have my article, “The Dark Virtues of Robert E. Howard,” in the latest issue of MODERN AGE (Spring 2021). A huge thanks to Daniel McCarthy for inviting me to write this, and to Anthony Sacramone… Read More

Prepare for Autumn: Read Ray Bradbury

My thoughts on Ray Bradbury over at The American Conservative. Bradbury’s talents also interested the governmental agency set up to destroy the U.S. Constitution in the name of protecting it, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Demonstrating a level… Read More

Jerry Pournelle on Russell Kirk

Some of you might know this already, but, sadly, Jerry Pournelle passed away this weekend.  One of two incredibly imaginative men who did pass away–the other being Len Wein.  Pournelle studied with Russell Kirk and considered him quite… Read More

Forthcoming Soon: Liberty and the Golden Age of Science Fiction

From Liberty Classroom.

Podcast with Tom Woods: SciFi

I had a wonderful time talking yesterday with my great friend, Tom Woods.  Our conversation dealt with my first set of lectures on Science Fiction and liberty for Liberty Classroom.  The course covered the history of science fiction… Read More

Why The Graphic Novel Matters: Watchmen

The story of The Watchmen takes place in an alternative or parallel 1985, a world deeply cynical, a world that found no solace after Nixon. Actually, somehow in 1985, Richard Nixon is still the president of the United States. The… Read More

Today Only: Cronin’s PASSAGE is $1.99

One of my favorite sci-fi books, THE PASSAGE by Justin Cronin.  Thoughtful and a page turner.  Enjoy.

Kevin J. Anderson:’s Deal of the Day

If you’re looking for dense, fascinating, and nuanced space opera, look no further than Kevin J. Anderson’s THE DARK BETWEEN THE STARS, recently nominated for a Hugo. It’s also today’s Deal of the Day at Audible.  Treat yourself.

The Hugo! Kevin J. Anderson’s Nomination

I’m very happy to note that science-fiction master, Kevin J. Anderson, has been nominated for a Hugo, the most prestigious award presented in the genre.  I’m certain no one deserves it more.  Indeed, the book that earned the… Read More

Kevin J. Anderson’s Visit: A Brief Comment

I was thrilled to invite Kevin J. Anderson to speak for the CU CTP.  He and his lovely wife, Rebecca, visited on Wednesday night.  I’ll write much more about Kevin’s talk in the coming days, but I thought… Read More


Reposted from the CU CTP: Please consider this post as a PSA for Colorado rather than for conservatism.  I have no idea what Kevin J. Anderson’s politics are, and, frankly, I’m happy knowing him only as a person… Read More