Anthem of the Heart: Why Neil Peart, Part II

[Please be warned: this is a serious essay with an advertisement at the end—so, don’t feel ripped off!–Brad] A week ago, I tried to explain—in the first of a multipart series—why I decided to write a book about… Read More

Advanced Review Copy of Neil Peart Bio Now in Humble Bundle

For two weeks only, you can get an advanced review copy of NEIL PEART: CULTURAL (RE)PERCUSSIONS. NEIL PEART: CULTURAL (RE)PERCUSSIONS is now available in early form. As an e-book, a part of the Humble Bundle. For two weeks only!… Read More

My Intellectual Biography of Neil Peart Forthcoming in August

I’m really happy to announce (ok, show off) the cover of my Neil Peart biography, NEIL PEART: CULTURAL REPERCUSSIONS (WordFire Press).  It will be available this August in tangible and e-book formats. Hope you love it!

Fantasy Storybundle Featuring the Incomparable Kevin J. Anderson

If you’re interested (and you should be), go here:

Kevin J. Anderson:’s Deal of the Day

If you’re looking for dense, fascinating, and nuanced space opera, look no further than Kevin J. Anderson’s THE DARK BETWEEN THE STARS, recently nominated for a Hugo. It’s also today’s Deal of the Day at Audible.  Treat yourself.

Kevin J. Anderson’s Visit: A Brief Comment

I was thrilled to invite Kevin J. Anderson to speak for the CU CTP.  He and his lovely wife, Rebecca, visited on Wednesday night.  I’ll write much more about Kevin’s talk in the coming days, but I thought… Read More