Kevin J. Anderson’s Visit: A Brief Comment

Kevin J. Anderson, master of many genres.

Kevin J. Anderson, master of many genres.

I was thrilled to invite Kevin J. Anderson to speak for the CU CTP.  He and his lovely wife, Rebecca, visited on Wednesday night.  I’ll write much more about Kevin’s talk in the coming days, but I thought it would be good to post this now.

When I came to Colorado this year, I was bound and determined to meet Kevin.  He and his wife are two of my three favorite living science fiction writers.  What a team.  Kevin graciously agreed to my invitation, and we’ve had the chance to get to know one another over the past several months.

Not surprisingly, in his lecture held in Norlin library, Kevin was elegant, intelligent, charismatic, and eccentric.  Roughly 55 of us enjoyed Kevin’s talk immensely.  What a joy and treat for all of us.

Most obviously, Kevin possesses a profound sense of wonder, and he’s able to convey that wonder to his audiences, whether they are listeners or readers.

For more information on Kevin, Rebecca, and their Colorado-based company, WordFire Press, please go here.

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