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Please consider this post as a PSA for Colorado rather than for conservatism.  I have no idea what Kevin J. Anderson’s politics are, and, frankly, I’m happy knowing him only as a person and as an artist.  When it comes to these two things, he’s absolutely brilliant.  A man who does Colorado proud.

One of the best known and most published science fiction novelists in the world, Anderson leads seminars on the art of writing and publishing.  I’ve not attended one, but, having gotten to know Kevin personally (after reading his fiction for over 20 years now), I certainly want to.

Here’s the information:

Superstars KJA

The sixth annual Superstars Writing Seminar is coming up, only a month away. We’ve already got more signups than ever before, more speakers, more panel opportunities.


Here are some of the new additions to make this even more awesome than previous years:

•    We will have two tracks of programming in the afternoon. There were so many topics to cover, this allows us to add nine extra hours of talks, workshops, and panels.

•   Individual one-on-one clinics: editors from two major publishing houses will meet directly with students to critique cover letters and pitches; art directors and publishers will critique and offer improvements to individual indie published books.

•   A professional photographer will set up and take high-quality author/PR photos for all Superstars attendees—FREE.

•  Special presentation of new data from Jeff Brazell, the CEO of a global market research company, The Modelers, which has done studies on just about everything in entertainment, from gaming to movies, from books to devices. His company commissioned an extensive study on books, ebooks, and reading, and he will be presenting the results of the study—for the first time in public—at the 2015 Superstars Writing Seminar.

•  Eggs Benedict Breakfast with James Artimus Owen, a unique presentation and breakfast prepared by one of our bestselling speakers with a special message for all writers. Because the first morning sold out almost immediately, we have offered a second Eggs Benedict Breakfast.

•  Hands-on workshops on cover design and representatives from Kobo and Wattpad for indie authors.

Our speakers this year are Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Eric Flint, David Farland, James Artimus Owen,  Jody Lynn Nye, Todd McCaffrey, Toni Weisskopf (Baen Books), Mark LeFebvre (Kobo), Ashleigh Gardner (Wattpad), Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Lisa Mangum (Shadow Mountain Publishing), Allyson Longueira (WMG Publishing), Peter Wacks (WordFire Press), M. Scott Boone (IP and copyright attorney), and others.

The Superstars Writing Seminar is held in Colorado Springs, February 5–7. Make your plans now.

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