Happy May Day!

April is the cruelest month, but May is the month of our beloved mother, Mary. Out of the mouth of the Mother of God Like a little word come I; For I go gathering Christian men From sunken… Read More

Podcast with Tom Woods: SciFi

I had a wonderful time talking yesterday with my great friend, Tom Woods.  Our conversation dealt with my first set of lectures on Science Fiction and liberty for Liberty Classroom.  The course covered the history of science fiction… Read More

Is Humanism a Religion?–G.K. Chesterton

An excellent reflection from a fine and brilliant Christian Humanist. gkc-is-humanism-a-religion

1964 Interviews with Maritain, Gilson, and Dawson

Some very nice United Nations’s interviews with Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, and Christopher Dawson. Enjoy.  (My apologies for my marginalia). un-interviews-jm-eg-cd-gkc  

Two Voices, G.K. Chesterton (A reading)

One of my all-time favorite passages from G.K. Chesterton.  “Two Voices” from THE NAPOLEON OF NOTTING HILL (1904).  This one from Chapter III of the Dover edition (1991).  

G.K. Chesterton on King Alfred

If you have the chance, hunt down a copy of THE ENGLISH WAY, a 1933 book published by Sheed and Ward and edited by Maisie Ward.  It offers a gorgeous and insightful look at the lives of Anglo-Saxon… Read More