C.S. Lewis: Christian or Pagan? (TIC)

This morning at The Imaginative Conservative, I ask the question: was C.S. Lewis truly a Christian, or was he just a pagan who accepted Christ as a part of pantheon? Northern Irishman C.S. Lewis holds such an important… Read More

Man Will Never Dominate Nature

In this world, the possibility of exploitation will become most violent when men not only deny God but attempt to dominate nature.  C.S. Lewis explored the possibilities of men dominating nature during World War in both realistic and… Read More

Podcast with Tom Woods: SciFi

I had a wonderful time talking yesterday with my great friend, Tom Woods.  Our conversation dealt with my first set of lectures on Science Fiction and liberty for Liberty Classroom.  The course covered the history of science fiction… Read More

Why Democracy Despises Friendship: C.S. Lewis

From C.S. Lewis, FOUR LOVES: It is therefore easy to see why Authority frowns on Friendship. Every real Friendship is a sort of secession, even a rebellion. In each knot of Friends there is a sectional “public opinion”… Read More

C.S. Lewis Breaks Down During Sermon

Today, as many of you probably know, is the 75th anniversary of C.S. Lewis’s delivering his most famous sermon, “The Weight of Glory.”  Though the following is NOT about that sermon, it is quite revealing and quite moving…. Read More

John Betjeman Assesses C.S. Lewis, 1939

Source: John Betjeman to C.S. Lewis, December 13, 1939, in Candida Lycett Green, ed., John Betjeman Letters, Vol. 1, pp. 250-253. Dear Mr Lewis, Since I have just expunged from the proofs of a preface of a new… Read More

Rachel Gough: Radical Locatedness

Every month, I eagerly await the new piece at KINDRED by my excellent and amazing friend, Rachel W. Gough.  My wait is always well worth it.  She’s one of my favorite writers as well as one of my… Read More

Colin Hardie’s Obit of C.S. Lewis

The last sentence of your obituary may give the impression that C.S. Lewis was too busy writing to have much time for social relations, and that he had little gift for them.  To many this will seem much… Read More

Pope Benedict XVI on C.S. Lewis

Source: “Cardinal Ratzinger in Cambridge,” BRIEFING 88, vol. 18, no. 3 (5 February 1988); reprinted in the CANADIAN CSL JOURNAL no. 63 (Summer 1988), 4-5. “Long before the outbreak of terrorism and the invasion of drugs, the English… Read More

C.S. Lewis, “Christianity and Culture,” 1940

An excellent article.  But, of course! csl christianity and culture 1940

Unicorns at Oxford (Inklings), 1956

Great article about the Inklings from the second half of the 1950s.  Apologies for the terrible pdf quality.  Still readable. Enjoy. brady unicorns at oxford 1956

C.S. Lewis, “Christianity and Culture,” 1940

csl christianity and culture 1940