Rachel Gough: Radical Locatedness

320823_10201179087304362_1806335434_nEvery month, I eagerly await the new piece at KINDRED by my excellent and amazing friend, Rachel W. Gough.  My wait is always well worth it.  She’s one of my favorite writers as well as one of my favorite persons.

I CAME ACROSS a striking quote recently: “Next to the Blessed Sacrament itself, your neighbor is the holiest object presented to your senses.” C.S. Lewis wrote those words in The Weight of Glory, and, no matter one’s religious persuasion, it would be difficult to deny that his statement has zing. What would it look like if we lived as if this were true?

I found this and many other fascinating passages about loving our neighbor as I was preparing for a conversation with my friend Ben Katt of Thresholds. He interviewed me for a podcast on building community in rural neighborhoods, and I dug into the idea of what it means to love your neighbor and invest in place.

To read the full thing (and, as always, you should; Rachel writes nothing that is not important and beautiful), go here.

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