Tending Our Own Garden: Rachel Gough

As you Stormfielders (thank you!) well know, I love–ok, this word isn’t even close to strong enough to describe how much I admire–the writings and work of my friend, Rachel Gough.  Here’s her latest at Kindred Magazine. RECENTLY… Read More

Rachel Gough’s Latest at KINDRED: Caring

SOME FRIENDS AND I went camping last weekend, and as we were setting up the canopy my friend’s forehead brushed some stinging nettles. She immediately started to feel a prickling sensation on her skin, but before 30 seconds had… Read More

Rachel Gough: Radical Locatedness

Every month, I eagerly await the new piece at KINDRED by my excellent and amazing friend, Rachel W. Gough.  My wait is always well worth it.  She’s one of my favorite writers as well as one of my… Read More

Rachel Gough: Adventuring Together

There’s something about being together in the wild. It’s a different kind of togetherness than going to the movies or even gathering around the dinner table. To quote the wisdom of John Muir once again, “Everybody needs beauty… Read More