Tending Our Own Garden: Rachel Gough


The beauty of the Gough women.

As you Stormfielders (thank you!) well know, I love–ok, this word isn’t even close to strong enough to describe how much I admire–the writings and work of my friend, Rachel Gough.  Here’s her latest at Kindred Magazine.

RECENTLY I MET two young women farmers who are the granddaughters of farmers. Their own parents ‘escaped’ from farming with the idea that they were providing a better life for their children, but those children found their way back to their roots anyway.

There is something deeply satisfying about cultivating the earth, planting seeds and watching them grow, and harvesting your own food. It takes work, knowledge, care, and patience, and taps into the deep magic of the universe.

To read it all, please go here: https://kindredmag.com/2016/08/03/let-us-tend-our-own-garden/

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