Imagination and Conservatism (TIC)

This morning at The Imaginative Conservative: Imagination and Conservatism. Or, why the ONLY legitimate conservatism is an imaginative conservatism.

Plato’s God

A short, 30 minute lecture/discussion as I gave the first quiz of the semester.  The course lecture involved Plato’s understanding of the divine.  Enjoy.

Western Heritage Lecture 8: Introducing Socrates

I needed to devote the first 22 or so minutes of class to “how to write a liberal arts essay,” so the actual lecture on Socrates is very short.  My apologies.  You might want to skip ahead 20… Read More

Irving Babbitt, ON BEING CREATIVE (full)

Babbitt’s last work before he passed away, ON BEING CREATIVE.  A brilliant final look at humanism. babbitt-on-being-creative

Western Heritage Lecture 3: Genesis 2-3

Ok, so, I’m getting a little behind, and it’s only the third day of MWF classes!  Here’s lecture 3, if you’re keeping count.  This one focuses (after a bit of housekeeping) specifically on chapters 2 and 3 of… Read More

Francois Mauriac, GOD AND MAMMON (Full book)

One of the most important Christian Humanists of the 20th century, Francois Mauriac is largely now forgotten.  Here’s the book Mauriac wrote for Christopher Dawson’s edited series, ESSAYS IN ORDER.  It would be, technically, vol. 15, though it’s… Read More

Term Chaser: For THE WESTERN HERITAGE by Kagan, Ozment, and Turner

For my freshmen students in H104, sections 7 and 8, Fall 2016.  Term chaser for the secondary text. *** Term Chaser, Autumn 2016; Birzer For Kagan, Ozment, and Turner: THE WESTERN HERITAGE   Chapters 1-5 Culture Code of… Read More

Western Heritage, Lecture 2: The West and Genesis

My praise of the four iconographic cities of the West: Jerusalem; Athens; Rome; and London–culminating, of course, in Philadelphia. Full, unedited lecture–September 2, 2016.  Warts and all.

At TAC: Life in Hawkins, Indiana, 1983

STRANGER THINGS is bloody and gruesome and, strangely, quite heroic and beautiful. There’s definitely no gloss on any thing. What appears good is really just apathy and conformity and what is broken must overcome brokenness to find heroism… Read More

Christopher Dawson, BEYOND POLITICS (Full Book)

Enjoy this pdf of Dawson’s 1939 book, BEYOND POLITICS.  An extraordinary effort on great man’s part. cd beyond politics

MODERN DILEMMA by Christopher Dawson (full book)

A short but brilliant 1932 book by Christopher Dawson.  Well worth reading, especially in this insane and violent age. cd modern dilemma full book

My Interview with Tim Goeglein, RE: RUSSELL KIRK

I had a wonderful time last week, talking with the wonderful Tim Goeglein about Russell Kirk. Thank you, Tim! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, and I hope we can make it happen again.  And, of course, it’s always… Read More