The Natural Life of a Republic (Full Lecture)

My American Heritage lecture for February 8, 2017: the life of a republic and why it reflects the best in human and divine nature.

End of the Medieval World (Full Lecture)

Full Lecture    The End of Christendom, 1350-1492   The Plague, killing anywhere from 33-50% of Europe. In terms of population, Europe not recover until mid-seventeenth century.  Especially hit the good clergy, as they were first to rush… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 3: Genesis 2-3

Ok, so, I’m getting a little behind, and it’s only the third day of MWF classes!  Here’s lecture 3, if you’re keeping count.  This one focuses (after a bit of housekeeping) specifically on chapters 2 and 3 of… Read More

Western Heritage, Lecture 2: The West and Genesis

My praise of the four iconographic cities of the West: Jerusalem; Athens; Rome; and London–culminating, of course, in Philadelphia. Full, unedited lecture–September 2, 2016.  Warts and all.

MODERN DILEMMA by Christopher Dawson (full book)

A short but brilliant 1932 book by Christopher Dawson.  Well worth reading, especially in this insane and violent age. cd modern dilemma full book

John Barron and I discuss Russell Kirk: C-Span Book TV

Yesterday, I had the grand privilege of speaking with John Barron (Chicago Tribune) about Russell Kirk on live tv, C-Span’s Book TV. It was wonderful, and John, not surprisingly, was a brilliant gentleman.  In fact, everyone at the… Read More


    A very kind and very detailed review of RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE.  Thank you, Liberty Fund!

Dawson on Various Totalitarianisms, 1941

  In 1941, Dawson appraised the various fundamentalisms and totalitarianisms–from fascist to Puritan–of his day. cd on totalitarianism 1941

Second Interview with Christopher Dawson 1961

“They’ve got their history wrong.  The best fruits came precisely from Christian humanism.  When Christianity and humanism touch, the best things emerge.” “The great Christian humanists, men like St. Thomas More, Vives, Erasmus, Castellion and others, were ever… Read More

Interviews with Maritain, Gilson, and Dawson

Interesting United Nations book exploring various western religions.  Published in 1964. Interviews with Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, and Christopher Dawson. interviews with maritain gilson dawson

University Bookman Issues, 1987-1988

ub spring 1987 ub summer 1987 ub 1987 n5 ub v28 no1 1988 ub v28 n3 1988 ub v 28 n4 1988

University Bookman vol 30 no 2 1990 (Full Issue)

ub vol 30 no 2 1990