University Bookman News

This, this morning, from mighty Gerald Russello and the UNIVERSITY BOOKMAN: Contributors in the News The University Bookman congratulates Helen Andrews on her receipt of a prestigious Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship. Over the past few years, Helen has… Read More

Free Minds and Free Peoples

Gerald Russello, editor of Kirk’s UNIVERSITY BOOKMAN, kindly asked me to participate in a symposium: how should a conservative think about immigration.  Here’s a link to the whole discussion: Here’s my brief response: When Secretary of State,… Read More

University Bookman Summer 1969 (full issue)

Only one article for the whole issue.  An article called “The Rational Right Wing” by Charles E. Schutz. UB Summer 1969

University Bookman Spring 1969 (full issue)

Articles by Henry Winthrop, Regis Courtemanche, and Ruth Bevan. university bookman spring 1969

University Bookman, Winter 1969 (full issue)

Fair issue.  Best essay is by Francis Canavan on Edmund Burke. University Bookman winter 1969

University Bookman, Autumn 1968 (full issue)

A really good issue, featuring pieces by M.E. Bradford and Peter Stanlis. ub autumn 1968

University Bookman Spring 1968 (Full Issue)

ub spring 1968 A good issue–complete with an excellent piece on Edmund Burke by the famous Owen Barfield scholar, G.B. Tennyson.