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ISI’s #1 Best Seller of July: AMERICAN CICERO

Ok, at the moment, my excitement has overwhelmed my humility (ha!).  I’m thrilled to announce that July 2018’s best seller from ISI Books is my 2010 biography of Charles Carroll of Carrollton. And, until the end of… Read More

Andrew Jackson as Florida Governor

The grand folks at The Imaginative Conservative continue to publish my “director’s cut” pieces from my forthcoming book, IN DEFENSE OF ANDREW JACKSON, out September 10, 2018, by Regnery. Though Andrew Jackson only served a very short term… Read More

118 Western and American History Lectures: Tom Woods, Liberty Classroom

Dear Stormfields Readers, First, as always, thank you! Second, I’m really pleased to announce that the grand and wondrous Tom Woods will soon be releasing 118 audio lectures I’ve delivered on western and American civilization. These will appear,… Read More

Andrew Jackson and the Republican Fear of a Standing Army

While Andrew Jackson is a particular type of American, he is very much that type, the definition and embodiment of that type. In the twentieth century, he would become Ethan Edwards, played by John Wayne, in John Ford’s… Read More

What is Conservatism (CSPAN)

A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful privilege of speaking with Lee Edwards, Rod Dreher, and Bob Merry about the legacy and future of conservatism.  We had a lively (and civilized) discussion.  And, I even got to… Read More

Mark Pulliam reviews Kevin Gutzman’s THOMAS JEFFERSON

Pulliam and Gutzman are ALWAYS worth reading.  Enjoy this encounter of three stunning minds.  

Available for Pre-Order–My Biography of Andrew Jackson

I just found out recently that my quirky (and, I hope, lively and thoughtful) biography of Andrew Jackson comes out on September 10, 2018, just four days after I turn 51.  How great is that? And, yes, Andrew… Read More

The Presidency is a Terrible Institution

There is nothing about the presidency of the U.S. to celebrate.  It was one of the greatest failings of the American founders, and we would be wise to reform or repeal it.  No free people needs a “strong… Read More

Anglo-American Chronology, 1534-1689

Anglo-American Chronology, 1534-1689 For American Heritage –Birzer 1550s 1528/29: William Tyndale first to employ “divine right of kings” 1534: Act of Supremacy undoes over 1,000 years of Anglo-Saxon Common Law 1535: Execution of Sir Thomas More and John… Read More

The Failure of American History Textbooks

What are the good American history textbooks out there? The best one, by George Tindall and David Shi, declines in quality (but not quantity!) with every new edition.  Here’s a telling example.  The text, America: A Narrative History… Read More

Lamentations of an Old Republican

Reflections from a Memorial Day, 8 years ago. “Lamentations of an Old Republican: Remembering” Last Thursday morning, I stood on the Lexington green with my beautiful and sagacious wife, my five very active and somewhat mischievous children, the talented… Read More