Anglo-American Chronology, 1534-1689

Anglo-American Chronology, 1534-1689 For American Heritage –Birzer 1550s 1528/29: William Tyndale first to employ “divine right of kings” 1534: Act of Supremacy undoes over 1,000 years of Anglo-Saxon Common Law 1535: Execution of Sir Thomas More and John… Read More

The First Great Awakening (Full Lecture)

A look at America’s first great awakening as well as the rise of the enlightenment(s).

Procreative America: The Colonial Period (Full Lecture)

Why and how (not biology 1o1!) American English colonials had lots and lots and lots and lots of kids.  And, why having kids matters.

The New England Way (Full Lecture)

American Heritage lecture–the New England Way.  Why the Puritans matter.

Thoughts of American Independence, 1633-1755

  From the moment Englishman began to settle America, ideas here as well as in England began to drift toward some form of independence.  Some quotes taken from an excellent 1974 article: