Final Day of American Heritage Class

Washington as victor from PATRIOT SAGE, ed. by Gary Gregg and Matt Spalding.

The 1950s (Full Lecture)

C. Wright Mills, Russell Kirk, conformism, TV, the Military Industrial Complex, love, and rock n roll.

The Great Depression (Full Lecture)

Why the 1930s were “red.”

Horrors of Communism (Full Lecture)

With an emphasis on the Hiss-Chambers trial, the horrors of communism.

The “Machine” of Ideology (Full Lecture)

My follow-up to last week’s talk on Progressivism.  Now, the meaning of ideology and its inherent and inevitable demeaning of the human person.  All ideologies–left and right.

Progressivism (Full Lecture)

A look at the theory behind progressivism and why it is a theory of history, neither left nor right.

Reconstruction (Full Lecture)


Why Soldiers Fought in the Civil War (Full Lecture)

The Gettysburg Address (Full Lecture)


Abraham Lincoln (Full Lecture)


John C. Calhoun: Brilliant Enigma (Full Lecture)

Hawthorne and American Transcendentalism (Full Lecture)