John C. Calhoun: Brilliant Enigma (Full Lecture)

Five Points to Understand The Thought of John C. Calhoun

I.  Pre-Compromise of 1820 Nationalism Let it not be forgotten, let it be forever kept in mind, that the extent of the republic exposes us to the greatest of calamities—disunion,” Calhoun warned as Secretary of War in February… Read More

A Primer on John C. Calhoun

[N.B.  The best person to read when studying Calhoun is Lee Cheek, an amazing scholar and equally gracious gentleman.] Pre-Compromise of 1820 Nationalism.  Early Nationalist/War Hawk Calhoun: “Let it not be forgotten, let it be forever kept in… Read More

Timeline, Jacksonian America

Early Republic Timeline, 1807-1848; Birzer 1807     Jefferson Embargo 1809     James Madison becomes president Jefferson Embargo repealed 1810     Henry Clay elected Speaker of the House Fletcher v. Peck 1811     Battle of Tippecanoe 1812     War of 1812 begins