Timeline, Jacksonian America

Early Republic Timeline, 1807-1848; Birzer


John Taylor of Caroline

1807     Jefferson Embargo

1809     James Madison becomes president

Jefferson Embargo repealed

1810     Henry Clay elected Speaker of the House

Fletcher v. Peck

1811     Battle of Tippecanoe

1812     War of 1812 begins

1813     Battle of the Thames; Tecumseh killed, British-Indian Alliance destroyed

Beginning of the “Factory System” in Waltham, Mass.

1814     Burning of Washington, D.C.

Hartford Convention

1815     Battle of New Orleans

Treaty of Ghent ratified by Senate and President

1816     James Monroe elected president; so-called “Era of Good Feelings”

2nd Bank of the United States

1816-18 1st Seminole War

1817     John Quincy Adams becomes Secretary of State

1819     1st Great Depression begins

Adam’s-Onis Treaty signed

Dr. James Long and Republican Army proclaim Texas a Republic (briefly)

Dartmouth College v. Woodward

            McCulloch v. Maryland

1820     Missouri Compromise passed

1821     American Santa Fe Trail forged

1823     Monroe Doctrine declared

J.C. Cooper’s The Pioneers published

Austin party arrives in Texas

1824     John Quincy Adams elected president; Accusations of “Corrupt Bargain”

Gibbons v. Ogden

John Taylor of Caroline dies

Lafayette visits the United States

First official Constitution written for Texas

1825     First portion of the Erie Canal opens; sparks ‘canal fever’

Owen’s New Harmony founded

1826     50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence

Jefferson and Adams die on July 4th

            Last of the Mohicans published

First American temperance society created; word “teetotaler” created

Clay and Randolph duel

Anti-Masons murdered in Batavia, New York

Benjamin Edwards declares Texas the “Republic of Fredonia” (briefly)

1828     Creation (somewhat official) of the Democratic Party

Andrew Jackson elected president

Tariff of Abominations passed

Calhoun writes South Carolina Exposition and Protest

1830     Webster-Hayne Debates

Indian Removal Act

Mormon Church officially incorporated

Mexico forbids further white immigration to Texas

1831     William Lloyd Garrison publishes The Liberator

            Cherokee Nation v. Georgia

1832      Black Hawk War

Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Last of the Signers, died on November 14

Jackson vetoes re-chartering of National Bank

Samuel Morse invents the telegraph

Formation of the Whig Party

State of South Carolina nullifies U.S. tariff

Worcester v. Georgia

1833     Clay Compromise and Force Bill end the Nullification Crisis

John Randolph of Roanoke dies

1834     Lyman Beecher’s inflammatory sermons spark mob attacks against R.C.s in Mass.

1835     Vol. 1 of Democracy in America published

John Marshall dies

Santa Anna abolishes Mexican Congress

Texas “consultation” declares 1824 Constitution in effect

1836     Martin Van Buren elected president

Sam Houston elected head of Texas armed forces

Republic of Texas successfully revolts against Mexican oppressors

1837     Panic and six year depression begins

Emerson delivers “The American Scholar”

Anti-Irish riots in Boston

1838     National Road completed (to Vandalia, Illinois)

Cooper publishes American Democrat

1839     Maria Monk’s Awful Disclosures published

1840     Liberty Party forms

Whig William Henry Harrison elected president

Vol. 2 of Democracy in America published

The Dial begins publication

1841     Harrison dies in office; John Tyler becomes president

First overland party to Oregon

1844     James K. Polk elected president

Beginnings of Hillsdale College

Anti-Catholic riots in Philadelphia

Joseph Smith killed by lynch mob

Anti-Rent War begins in New York

Seven-day Adventist projected end of the world (failed prediction)

Orestes Brownson converts to Catholicism

1845     Texas annexed by the United States

H.D. Thoreau takes up residence at Walden Pond

1846     Mexican War begins

Donner Party eats itself

Buchanan-Packenham Treaty ratified by Senate

1847     Scott takes Mexico City

First Mormons arrive in Utah

1848     Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago

Gold “discovered” in central California

Seneca Falls Convention; “Declaration of Sentiments”

1st massive wave of immigration (beyond the four folk groups of Albion’s Seed) from German States (R.C. and Lutheran) and Ireland (R.C.)

John Quincy Adams dies

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