Jackson on Age of Jackson Podcast

I had a wonderful time talking with one of the best up and coming scholars in American history, Daniel Gullotta of Stanford. Please check out our in-depth conversation regarding the good and bad of Andrew Jackson. And, make… Read More


My department chair, Dr. Mark Kalthoff, graciously invited me to speak on my In Defense of Andrew Jackson book at Hillsdale College tonight.  I had a great time.  If you’re interested, here’s my lecture.


If you’re looking for something to read, please check out my new book, IN DEFENSE OF ANDREW JACKSON.  And, whether you like it or not, please rate it  Thank you! Barnes and Noble:    

Andrew Jackson as Florida Governor

The grand folks at The Imaginative Conservative continue to publish my “director’s cut” pieces from my forthcoming book, IN DEFENSE OF ANDREW JACKSON, out September 10, 2018, by Regnery. Though Andrew Jackson only served a very short term… Read More

Andrew Jackson and the Republican Fear of a Standing Army

While Andrew Jackson is a particular type of American, he is very much that type, the definition and embodiment of that type. In the twentieth century, he would become Ethan Edwards, played by John Wayne, in John Ford’s… Read More

Available for Pre-Order–My Biography of Andrew Jackson

I just found out recently that my quirky (and, I hope, lively and thoughtful) biography of Andrew Jackson comes out on September 10, 2018, just four days after I turn 51.  How great is that? And, yes, Andrew… Read More

Democratic Party Origins (Full Lecture)

The origins of the Democratic Party, the unconstitutionality of parties, and the arrival of Manifest Destiny.  Full lecture.

Timeline, Jacksonian America

Early Republic Timeline, 1807-1848; Birzer 1807     Jefferson Embargo 1809     James Madison becomes president Jefferson Embargo repealed 1810     Henry Clay elected Speaker of the House Fletcher v. Peck 1811     Battle of Tippecanoe 1812     War of 1812 begins