$3 American Cicero: Charles Carroll Bio in Hardback

Greetings, fellow humans.   Today is the second to last day you can purchase American Cicero: The Life and something or rather of Charles Carroll of Carrollton for a mere $3 hardback. And, lots and lots of other… Read More

Available for Pre-Order–My Biography of Andrew Jackson

I just found out recently that my quirky (and, I hope, lively and thoughtful) biography of Andrew Jackson comes out on September 10, 2018, just four days after I turn 51.  How great is that? And, yes, Andrew… Read More

The Presidency is a Terrible Institution

There is nothing about the presidency of the U.S. to celebrate.  It was one of the greatest failings of the American founders, and we would be wise to reform or repeal it.  No free people needs a “strong… Read More

Syllabus: Jacksonian America, Fall 2016

H302: “Jacksonian America” aka Democratization of America, 1807-1848 Meeting Times: Tuesday/Thursday, Lane 124, 9:30-10:45 Instructor: Professor Bradley J. Birzer Office: Delp 403   Description Probably no generation after the American founding had a more diverse range of powerful… Read More

American Revolutionary Timeline, 1774-1784

Revolution Timeline–Created by Brad Birzer I’ve created the following–for what it’s worth–from a variety of sources beginning from own college days when I had the privilege of studying the American Revolution with the profoundly wonderful Gregory Dowd (a… Read More

No Safe Spaces: My Ancestors Arrive in Kansas, 1876

An actual description of my great, great, great grandparents arriving in Hays, Kansas: “Their presence is unmistakable; for where they are there is also something else, – a smell so pungent and potent as to make a strong… Read More

Audio Lecture 2: Founding of the American Republic

A lecture on the seven schools of thought in historiography dealing with the American revolution.

Three Thoughts about Charles Carroll of Carrollton

I was just asked by a group in France to describe three aspects of Charles Carroll of Carrollton’s thought and life.  Nice.  I’ve not given a lot of thought re: him for several years.  Kind of like visiting… Read More

Russell Kirk on the Shift from Republic to Empire

An excellent speech, originally given at the Heritage Foundation.

Course Readings/Proto-Syllabus, History 301: American Founding

A couple of students have asked about the spring 2016 course on the American Founding (H301). Here’s a rough description and list of readings. I’ll also be adding Gordon Wood’s short history of the Revolution. Scope We’ll go straight… Read More

Russell Kirk on Abraham Lincoln, 1970

“As the Roman Republic was at the back of the minds of the framers of the American Constitution; it was their hope that the chief magistrate of these United States would conduct himself with “the high old Roman… Read More