We Need a SERIOUS Immigration Debate (TAC)

It’s time for conservatives (and libertarians) to have a VERY serious debate about immigration.  The issue is way too important to leave to emotions and assumptions. As Christians around the world celebrated the arrival of the Three Kings—the… Read More

Syllabus: Jacksonian America, Fall 2016

H302: “Jacksonian America” aka Democratization of America, 1807-1848 Meeting Times: Tuesday/Thursday, Lane 124, 9:30-10:45 Instructor: Professor Bradley J. Birzer Office: Delp 403   Description Probably no generation after the American founding had a more diverse range of powerful… Read More

American Birthrates, Colonial-1870

While an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame (B.A., 1990), I had the immense pleasure of working with Professor Walter T.K. Nugent, a scholar of remarkable talents.  Not only did he serve as one of my main… Read More

Kirk, “Roots of Our Civilization,” 1967

SOURCE: Russell Kirk, “Roots of Our Civilization,” PHALANX 1 (Spring 1967): 9-14. rak 1967 roots

Kirk on James Fenimore Cooper, 1946

A fine early article by Kirk on one of his heroes, James Fenimore Cooper.  Source: Russell Kirk, “Cooper and the European Puzzle,” COLLEGE ENGLISH 7 (January 1946): 198-207. Enjoy. rak jfc euro puzzle 1946 copy