U.S. Economic History Syllabus, Spring 2018

H442, Economic History of the United States Syllabus, Spring 2018.  Lane 125, 9:30-10:45, Tuesdays-Thursdays Prof (such as he is!): Brad Birzer   H442 students, thank you so much for taking this course.  I’ve only taught it once before,… Read More

Common Law and Natural Rights (Full Lecture)

Finishing the Awakenings and Enlightenment section, transitioning into the American Revolution. As we approach, a discussion on common law, natural rights, natural law, and James Otis. As John Adams later wrote, the entirety of the American Revolution began… Read More

Russell Kirk, “Conservatism and History,” 1982

rak conservatism and history 1982

Kirk, “Roots of Our Civilization,” 1967

SOURCE: Russell Kirk, “Roots of Our Civilization,” PHALANX 1 (Spring 1967): 9-14. rak 1967 roots

Jacques Maritain, “The Christian and History,” 1957

Source: Jacques Maritain, “The Christian and History,” JUBILEE (November 1957), 36-40. maritain on history

Allen Tate on Oswald Spengler, 1934

Source: Allen Tate, “Spengler’s Tract Against Liberalism,” AMERICAN REVIEW 3 (1934): 41-47. tate 1934 on spengler

Jean Danielou, “Marxist History and Sacred History,” 1951.

A fascinating 1951 article on Christian and ideological historical philosophies. Source:  Jean Danielou, S.J., “Marxist History and Sacred History,” THE REVIEW OF POLITICS (October 1951): 503-513. danilou marx sacred history