ISI’s #1 Best Seller of July: AMERICAN CICERO

Ok, at the moment, my excitement has overwhelmed my humility (ha!).  I’m thrilled to announce that July 2018’s best seller from ISI Books is my 2010 biography of Charles Carroll of Carrollton. And, until the end of… Read More

American Cicero (Hardback) for $3

It’s a Fourth of July miracle! ISI is offering the hardback of my Charles Carroll of Carrollton biography for only $3. No joke. $3. Stock up for all of 2018 holiday needs, now. And, help feed the Birzer… Read More

My EWTN Interview on The American Founding

I had a wonderful time talk with Peggy Normandin.  She’s an excellent interviewer.  Here’s her writeup: Independence Day presents an excellent opportunity to reflect on the blessings of our American heritage. In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy… Read More

The Presidency is a Terrible Institution

There is nothing about the presidency of the U.S. to celebrate.  It was one of the greatest failings of the American founders, and we would be wise to reform or repeal it.  No free people needs a “strong… Read More

George Washington, Roman Demigod Reborn (Full Lecture)

Monday, I had the great pleasure of lecturing on Edmund Burke.  Today, I had the equally great honor to lecture on George Washington.

Edmund Burke on Revolution(s) [Full Lecture]

Why Edmund Burke judged the American Revolution good and the French Revolution ill.  Full lecture.  Always a grand pleasure to talk about Burke.  It never gets old.

Common Law and Natural Rights (Full Lecture)

Finishing the Awakenings and Enlightenment section, transitioning into the American Revolution. As we approach, a discussion on common law, natural rights, natural law, and James Otis. As John Adams later wrote, the entirety of the American Revolution began… Read More

On the Patrick Coffin Show

Hey, I’m guest no. 1.  How great is that!  Thank you, Patrick. Patrick, if you don’t know, is as great a guy as he is brilliant.  Please check out his website: You can also find him on twitter: @Patrick_Coffin… Read More

C. Bradley Thompson on the American Revolution

I am thrilled to see that Professor Brad Thompson has commented on my American Revolution/Crises Timeline.  Though I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, I’ve known of Brad since my undergraduate days.  As early as my… Read More

The Best of John Dickinson, Pennsylvania Farmer

[Unless otherwise noted, all quotes come from Forrest McDonald, ed., EMPIRE AND NATION (Indianapolis, IN: Liberty Fund, 1999).  As always, all honor to Liberty Fund] In response to the Townshend Acts, Dickinson published his Letters from a Pennsylvania… Read More

Timeline, American Crises, 1763-1774

“Crises Points, Leading to Revolution, 1763-1774”-by Brad Birzer.  The following comes from a number of sources over twenty five years of reading and teaching founding.  Please let me know if you see any errors.  Much appreciated!  Opening to… Read More

James Otis, 1764

But let the origin of government be placed where it may, the end of it is manifestly the good of the whole. Salus populi supreme lex esto, is of the law of nature, and part of that grand charter given the human race, (tho’… Read More