American Revolutionary Timeline, 1774-1784

Revolution Timeline–Created by Brad Birzer I’ve created the following–for what it’s worth–from a variety of sources beginning from own college days when I had the privilege of studying the American Revolution with the profoundly wonderful Gregory Dowd (a… Read More

Audio Lecture: Founding of American Republic 1

  If you’re interested in the American republic and the founding period, this is my first lecture of the spring 2016 semester. If you’re so inclined. . .  enjoy!

Three Thoughts about Charles Carroll of Carrollton

I was just asked by a group in France to describe three aspects of Charles Carroll of Carrollton’s thought and life.  Nice.  I’ve not given a lot of thought re: him for several years.  Kind of like visiting… Read More

The Revolution Began with A Fight Against Illegal Searches and Seizures

Whether left, right, middle, above, below–every single American should support Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster tonight.  Republican, democratic. . . it just doesn’t matter.  The U.S. government exists to protect us, not to spy on us. The fourth amendment… Read More

Crises Points, 1763-1774

“Crises Points, Leading to Revolution, 1763-1774” Opening to Crisis, 1763-1765 Parliament passed the Sugar Act of 1764.  Taxed molasses and sugar at half the rate of the Navigation Acts.  Parliament pleased with itself—after all, they saw it as… Read More

Charles Carroll of Carrollton’s Second CX Letter

SOURCE: CX [Charles Carroll of Carrollton], Dunlap’s Maryland Gazette; or, the Baltimore General Advertiser (April 2, 1776). To tamper, therefore, in this affair, or try prospects merely upon the credit of supposed arguments or philosophy can never be… Read More

Charles Carroll of Carrollton’s First CX Letter

SOURCE: Dunlap’s Maryland Gazette, or the Baltimore General Advertiser (Tuesday, March 26, 1776).  Article by Charles Carroll of Carrollton, under the pseudonym “CX.” “An established government has an infinite advantage by that very circumstance of its being established;… Read More