$3 American Cicero: Charles Carroll Bio in Hardback

Greetings, fellow humans.   Today is the second to last day you can purchase American Cicero: The Life and something or rather of Charles Carroll of Carrollton for a mere $3 hardback. And, lots and lots of other… Read More

Founding a REPUBLIC Not a Democracy (TAC)

This evening, at The American Conservative–founding a REPUBLIC not a democracy. Even the most pro-interventionist of the American founders, Alexander Hamilton, could never have imagined or desired the kind of federal government we have now. When he wrote… Read More

The Constitutional Convention (Full Lecture)

The Natural Life of a Republic (Full Lecture)

My American Heritage lecture for February 8, 2017: the life of a republic and why it reflects the best in human and divine nature.

On the Patrick Coffin Show

Hey, I’m guest no. 1.  How great is that!  Thank you, Patrick. Patrick, if you don’t know, is as great a guy as he is brilliant.  Please check out his website: You can also find him on twitter: @Patrick_Coffin… Read More

My Favorite Anti-Federalist Papers

Federal Farmer 1   Federal Farmer 2   Federal Farmer 16   Old Whig 1   Old Whig 3   Brutus 1   Brutus 8      

C. Bradley Thompson on the American Revolution

I am thrilled to see that Professor Brad Thompson has commented on my American Revolution/Crises Timeline.  Though I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, I’ve known of Brad since my undergraduate days.  As early as my… Read More

Timeline, American Crises, 1763-1774

“Crises Points, Leading to Revolution, 1763-1774”-by Brad Birzer.  The following comes from a number of sources over twenty five years of reading and teaching founding.  Please let me know if you see any errors.  Much appreciated!  Opening to… Read More

James Otis, 1764

But let the origin of government be placed where it may, the end of it is manifestly the good of the whole. Salus populi supreme lex esto, is of the law of nature, and part of that grand charter given the human race, (tho’… Read More

Audio Lecture 2: Founding of the American Republic

A lecture on the seven schools of thought in historiography dealing with the American revolution.

Audio Lecture: Founding of American Republic 1

  If you’re interested in the American republic and the founding period, this is my first lecture of the spring 2016 semester. If you’re so inclined. . .  enjoy!

Course Readings/Proto-Syllabus, History 301: American Founding

A couple of students have asked about the spring 2016 course on the American Founding (H301). Here’s a rough description and list of readings. I’ll also be adding Gordon Wood’s short history of the Revolution. Scope We’ll go straight… Read More