118 Western and American History Lectures: Tom Woods, Liberty Classroom

Dear Stormfields Readers, First, as always, thank you! Second, I’m really pleased to announce that the grand and wondrous Tom Woods will soon be releasing 118 audio lectures I’ve delivered on western and American civilization. These will appear,… Read More

C. Bradley Thompson on the American Revolution

I am thrilled to see that Professor Brad Thompson has commented on my American Revolution/Crises Timeline.  Though I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, I’ve known of Brad since my undergraduate days.  As early as my… Read More

Defending the Republic: Texas

From one of the greatest men of the last two centuries, William Barrett Travis. Liberally-educated patriot and republican. ____ Commandancy of the The Alamo Bejar, Feby. 24th. 1836 To the People of Texas & All Americans in the… Read More

My Thoughts on the Draft and Virtue–11 Years ago

  For what they’re worth, my thoughts on the draft and republican virtue.  11 years ago.  If anything, I’m even more of a curmudgeon now.

Political Reverie (January 1774) By Mercy O. Warren

As fairy forms, the elfin airy train, And sylphs, sometimes molest the learned brain, Delusive dreams the matron’s bosom swell, And, ancient maids, the fancied vision, tell; So beaux and belles see routs and balls in dreams, And… Read More

Crises Points, 1763-1774

“Crises Points, Leading to Revolution, 1763-1774” Opening to Crisis, 1763-1765 Parliament passed the Sugar Act of 1764.  Taxed molasses and sugar at half the rate of the Navigation Acts.  Parliament pleased with itself—after all, they saw it as… Read More

Charles Carroll of Carrollton’s Second CX Letter

SOURCE: CX [Charles Carroll of Carrollton], Dunlap’s Maryland Gazette; or, the Baltimore General Advertiser (April 2, 1776). To tamper, therefore, in this affair, or try prospects merely upon the credit of supposed arguments or philosophy can never be… Read More

Charles Carroll of Carrollton’s First CX Letter

SOURCE: Dunlap’s Maryland Gazette, or the Baltimore General Advertiser (Tuesday, March 26, 1776).  Article by Charles Carroll of Carrollton, under the pseudonym “CX.” “An established government has an infinite advantage by that very circumstance of its being established;… Read More