Four Favorite Quotes from Lutz/Kendall/Carey

“To put this another way, Eric Voegelin has taught us that what we are in the habit of calling the political tradition of a people is above all a matter of its self-interpretation (from moment to moment, from… Read More

Dickinson’s Letter 12: A Call for Virtue and Liberty

Yesterday, I had the great privilege of lecturing on John Dickinson’s response to the Townshend Acts of 1767.  His response, to my mind, offers the perfect American patriotic understanding of two of the most fundamental of western concepts:… Read More

Political Reverie (January 1774) By Mercy O. Warren

As fairy forms, the elfin airy train, And sylphs, sometimes molest the learned brain, Delusive dreams the matron’s bosom swell, And, ancient maids, the fancied vision, tell; So beaux and belles see routs and balls in dreams, And… Read More

Lecture at UT-Chattanooga, Constitution Day