Hellenistic Philosophies (Full Lecture)

Maccabees (Full Lecture)

Aristotle (Full Lecture)

The Crito (Full Lecture)

  One of the greats, to be sure–Socrates in his last moments.

The Virtues and PreSocratics (Full Lecture)

One of my all-time favorite topics.  Never cease to be amazed by these brilliant and glorious pagans.

Herodotus (Full Lecture)

The first great historian of western civilization; the voice of Greek patriotism.

11 Hebrew Themes and Begin Greeks (Full Lecture)

My thoughts on Jewish contributions to Western Civ, the West and the East defined, and beginning of discussion of the Greeks and patriotism.

Covenant, Law, and Kingship among the Ancient Hebrews (Full Lecture)

Full lecture from my third Western Heritage class of the semester, covering the stories of Abraham and David.  Too quickly!

Introduction to Western Civ (Full Lecture)

Edmund Burke on Revolution(s) [Full Lecture]

Why Edmund Burke judged the American Revolution good and the French Revolution ill.  Full lecture.  Always a grand pleasure to talk about Burke.  It never gets old.