True Conservatism is NOT Nationalism

True conservatism is NOT nationalism. Nor can it ever be, except as a perversion and adulteration. “Our country is not a thing of mere physical locality. It consists, in a great measure, in the antient order into which… Read More

Burke’s View of Human Nature (TIC)

The French Revolutionaries, Edmund Burke rightly understood, sought not just the overturning of the old, but, critically, they also desired the destruction of the true, the good, and the beautiful. 1,214 more words via Edmund Burke & the French… Read More

My Country: Washington, Burke, and Jefferson (Full Lecture)

Edmund Burke on Revolution(s) [Full Lecture]

Why Edmund Burke judged the American Revolution good and the French Revolution ill.  Full lecture.  Always a grand pleasure to talk about Burke.  It never gets old.

My Series on the First Principles of Edmund Burke

The Imaginative Conservative has graciously allowed me to explore the writings of Edmund Burke in a long series, going back to the first principles of conservatism. “After Burke defined and defended his “love of a manly, moral, regulated… Read More

Larry Reed on Edmund Burke

My friend and hero, Larry Reed, has written an excellent piece on Edmund Burke and the quest for real liberty over at  Please check it out. I would only add this to Larry’s great piece: that Burke… Read More