True Conservatism is NOT Nationalism

True conservatism is NOT nationalism. Nor can it ever be, except as a perversion and adulteration. “Our country is not a thing of mere physical locality. It consists, in a great measure, in the antient order into which… Read More

$20/Yr Print Subscription to THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE

A year-long subscription to THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE for $20. It’s back, our FRIEND OF BRAD promo. Or, FRIEND OF BIRZER. Your pick. The blessing of an alliterative name! Just click the link below. Treat yourself to something tangible…. Read More

Front Porch Republic Conference

What a wonderful lineup.  Jeff Polet for the win.

My Conversation with President Mohler

Last week, I had the great privilege of speaking with President Albert Mohler (Southern Baptist Theological Seminar) about conservatism, Russell Kirk, politics, culture, and religion.  One of the best interviews I’ve ever had.  Thank you so much, Dr…. Read More

BookTV Interview: Birzer on Russell Kirk (Full Video)