3 Ways to Protect Your Online Accounts

As some of you know, I’ve now proudly earned the enmity of several alt nuts. So, let me recommend three things to protect yourself NOW rather than later from these thugs. After all, they don’t just harass, they’re… Read More

We Need a SERIOUS Immigration Debate (TAC)

It’s time for conservatives (and libertarians) to have a VERY serious debate about immigration.  The issue is way too important to leave to emotions and assumptions. As Christians around the world celebrated the arrival of the Three Kings—the… Read More

The REAL Hillsdale College

Authenticity and Politics at Cato Unbound

As children, we are taught the American founding and the Constitution as though they were sacred documents and sacramental events crafted by demigods. If so, our own Twilight of the Gods must have occurred sometime between 1787 and… Read More

Larry Reed on Edmund Burke

My friend and hero, Larry Reed, has written an excellent piece on Edmund Burke and the quest for real liberty over at  Please check it out. I would only add this to Larry’s great piece: that Burke… Read More

The True American Response to 9/11

With every fiber of my being, I despise our national security state. Real Americans don’t hide behind police and bureaucrats. They strike back with all the force that is given them. The example of Tom Burnett should be… Read More

Kirk Against Conscription, Part III

Kirk’s 1967 editorial against conscription, in THE NEW GUARD (May 1967): 11. rak 1967 archaic draft copy