3 Ways to Protect Your Online Accounts


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As some of you know, I’ve now proudly earned the enmity of several alt nuts. So, let me recommend three things to protect yourself NOW rather than later from these thugs. After all, they don’t just harass, they’re actually using relatively intelligent and sophisticated cyber attacks against personal and professional accounts.

You (at a company, think tank, magazine, university) need to take serious personal precautions. That is, don’t wait for your institution to protect you.  They might not be able; they might not want the publicity; and they might just hope the attacks will go away.  You have to take charge of your own accounts.

As one of John Moser’s friends, Joe Murphy, reminded me, be proactive rather than waiting for an attack–after which you have no choice but to be reactive.

If you’re on a Mac, it’s indispensable that you use
1) a password vault. I’ve fallen in love with 1password from Agile Bits. Not only is the program intuitive, but the folks who run the program respond IMMEDIATELY to any problems. One solid company.

2) Malware/virus protection (yes, even on a Mac). I recommend VirusBarrier from Intego. Once again, I can’t praise the company highly enough. I needed help immediately when the attacks came, and the company went overboard to help me.

Both companies have earned my lifelong loyalty. Again, do not wait for your institutions to provide protection. Do it personally.

And, third, for all folks of Mac, Linux, or PC persuasion,
rewatch The Sound of Music. Be Captain Von Trapp, and rip up racist rags.

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  1. Also, if you have other websites and online assets, there are some good precautions you can take to keep hackers out. Send me a message if you need help with this.

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