Looking Back at Law School (Pulliam)

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Pulliam’s homepage.  Go, quick now, said the bird.

Mark Pulliam’s new blog is a thing of wit and intelligence.  Enjoy.

In recent years my law school alma mater has hosted an annual “celebration of diversity” event, which I recently attended out of curiosity. I thought that my law school class of long ago was quite diverse, with students from all over Texas, who had attended a variety of colleges and universities located throughout the country, representing a wide range of backgrounds—socio-economic, age, marital status, political orientation, and otherwise.

Alas, that is not what “diversity” means these days. “Diversity” connotes the politically-correct assortment of students (and faculty) from specific racial and ethnic groups that were “under-represented” in the era of primarily meritocratic admissions.  Race-conscious affirmative action at the University of Texas School of Law—once considered controversial and sparingly used—has “fixed” that.

To keep reading, please click here: https://misruleoflaw.com/2018/02/10/looking-back-at-law-school-a-lawyer-ruminates-on-legal-education/

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