Don Briel, Genuine Man of Brilliance and Integrity

As some of you no doubt know, Don Briel–now professor at the University of Mary in North Dakota, after a long career as the founder and fountainhead of the Catholic Studies Program at the University of St. Thomas… Read More

The REAL Hillsdale College

Plato’s God

A short, 30 minute lecture/discussion as I gave the first quiz of the semester.  The course lecture involved Plato’s understanding of the divine.  Enjoy.

Western Heritage Lecture 8: Introducing Socrates

I needed to devote the first 22 or so minutes of class to “how to write a liberal arts essay,” so the actual lecture on Socrates is very short.  My apologies.  You might want to skip ahead 20… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 3: Genesis 2-3

Ok, so, I’m getting a little behind, and it’s only the third day of MWF classes!  Here’s lecture 3, if you’re keeping count.  This one focuses (after a bit of housekeeping) specifically on chapters 2 and 3 of… Read More

John Barron and I discuss Russell Kirk: C-Span Book TV

Yesterday, I had the grand privilege of speaking with John Barron (Chicago Tribune) about Russell Kirk on live tv, C-Span’s Book TV. It was wonderful, and John, not surprisingly, was a brilliant gentleman.  In fact, everyone at the… Read More


  YES!  Throw any superlative you want out there, I’m your man!!!  Thank you, NYT!

Michael Novak Interviews Christopher Dawson, 1961

cd undistracted philo 1961

Second Interview with Christopher Dawson 1961

“They’ve got their history wrong.  The best fruits came precisely from Christian humanism.  When Christianity and humanism touch, the best things emerge.” “The great Christian humanists, men like St. Thomas More, Vives, Erasmus, Castellion and others, were ever… Read More

Interviews with Maritain, Gilson, and Dawson

Interesting United Nations book exploring various western religions.  Published in 1964. Interviews with Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, and Christopher Dawson. interviews with maritain gilson dawson

Russell Kirk, A Proposal to Reform American Colleges, 1957

rak american college 1957

Russell Kirk’s Guide to Choosing a College

Here’s a great and insightful piece on seeking a proper college education.  Some of the schools and facts are dated (very dated), but the advice overall is still sound. rak art of choosing a college 1981