I found out late yesterday afternoon that the University Press of Kentucky will be publishing RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE in paperback for their spring 2018 list. How great is this???  I’m thrilled. I’m not sure how many changes… Read More

John Barron and I discuss Russell Kirk: C-Span Book TV

Yesterday, I had the grand privilege of speaking with John Barron (Chicago Tribune) about Russell Kirk on live tv, C-Span’s Book TV. It was wonderful, and John, not surprisingly, was a brilliant gentleman.  In fact, everyone at the… Read More

The Insightful Paul Edwards and I Talk Kirk

Video: Guy Fawkes Day/Acton Lecture on Kirk

An immense thanks to Mike Cook and Michael M. Miller at Acton for sponsoring and arranging this book release lecture.  I had a wonderful time.  

Interview with John J. Miller, Re: Russell Kirk

Interview with Matt Lewis, Re: Russell Kirk Thanks, Matt!

Interview with Acton Institute, Re: Russell Kirk

Interview with Marc Vander Maas.

Dr. Bob Stacey on Russell Kirk: American Conservative

The very first review of RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE is up, and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you, Bob, and thank you, The Imaginative Conservative.  A deep honor.

Birzer on Kirk on John J. Miller’s Bookmonger

Had a blast talking with John J. Miller about Russell Kirk.  Just 10 minutes, though I think we both could’ve kept talking for a long time.

Physical Review Copies of RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE Now Available

Physical review copies of my biography, RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE (out November 5, 2015) are now available from the University Press of Kentucky. If you would like to review it for a journal, a newspaper, a magazine, a… Read More


“No man truly knows himself, and, certainly, no man really knows another. A biographer’s work is always and every where poetic. That is, the biographer holds the high duty of being humane while also holding faithfully to the… Read More

Advanced Review Copies of RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE Now Available

If you’re interested in reviewing RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE, please contact Mack McCormick at the University of Kentucky Press.  Advanced review copies are now available. Thank you, and enjoy!