Herodotus on the 300

Herodotus described it well: But Xerxes was not persuaded any the more.  Four whole days he suffered to go by, expecting that the Greeks would run away.  When, however, he found on the fifth that they were not… Read More

Aristotle and Alexander: Western Heritage Lecture 13

If you’re looking for Lecture 12, my sincere apologies–I had a messup with the recorder.  So, sadly, it only recorded about 3 seconds of the lecture.  I’d post it, but it’s kind of a boring 3 seconds.  Here’s… Read More

Plato’s God

A short, 30 minute lecture/discussion as I gave the first quiz of the semester.  The course lecture involved Plato’s understanding of the divine.  Enjoy.

Socratic Ethics and Platonic Democracy

Lecture 10 of Western Heritage: Socrates on Ethics and Plato on Democracy.

Western Heritage Lecture 6: The Birth of Western Civilization

Leonidas and 300 Spartans birth western civilization through their sacrifice.  Complete with not one but TWO tornado sirens during the lecture.

Western Heritage Lecture 5: No God Kings

In my fifth lecture for the Western Heritage core course, I moved the class from the ancient Hebrews to the ancient Greeks, considering how each people(s) despised the notion of a God-King. In particular, I considered the roles… Read More