Genesis 1 (Western Heritage Lecture)

2 full lectures (that is, 2x the same lecture–two sections).  Genesis 1 in detail. Additionally, here are some of my ideas in essay form: And, here:

Intro to Latin Patristics (Full Lecture)

Lecture: What Has Athens to do with Jerusalem

Getting back on schedule after a week of travel. . . Western Heritage lecture on St. John, Clement, and Tertullian.  Enjoy!

Western Heritage Lecture 15: The Roman Republic

Amazingly, already at lecture 15–the foundation and evolution of the Roman Republic.

Epicureanism and Stoicism:Western Heritage Lecture 14

Four great philosophies emerged from the Hellenistic world: hedonism, cynicism, Epicureanism, and Stoicism.  The last two, especially, have shaped the entire course of western civilization.

Aristotle and Alexander: Western Heritage Lecture 13

If you’re looking for Lecture 12, my sincere apologies–I had a messup with the recorder.  So, sadly, it only recorded about 3 seconds of the lecture.  I’d post it, but it’s kind of a boring 3 seconds.  Here’s… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 8: Introducing Socrates

I needed to devote the first 22 or so minutes of class to “how to write a liberal arts essay,” so the actual lecture on Socrates is very short.  My apologies.  You might want to skip ahead 20… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 4: Hebrews and Covenant

Lecture 4, if you’re keeping count.  This one, a focus on Genesis 17 and Exodus 3.  The relationship of Adam to Abraham to Moses.  Or, why God never changes but man’s understanding of Him does.   The previous… Read More

Western Heritage: Intro Lecture

If you’re interested, here’s my first lecture of the Autumn 2016 semester–Western Heritage, an Introduction, looking at the questions: what is man; what is God; and what is man’s relationship to man?