Epicureanism and Stoicism:Western Heritage Lecture 14

Four great philosophies emerged from the Hellenistic world: hedonism, cynicism, Epicureanism, and Stoicism.  The last two, especially, have shaped the entire course of western civilization.

Western Heritage Lecture 3: Genesis 2-3

Ok, so, I’m getting a little behind, and it’s only the third day of MWF classes!  Here’s lecture 3, if you’re keeping count.  This one focuses (after a bit of housekeeping) specifically on chapters 2 and 3 of… Read More

Eric Voegelin on Gnosticism

This morning, over at The Imaginative Conservative, Eric Voegelin’s Gnosticism. Though we associate Gnosticism with early Christianity, especially with the warnings against the “anti-Christ” in the writings of St. John the Beloved, Gnosticism actually emerged in the Near East… Read More

Dawson, “Future of National Government,” 1935

Source: Christopher Dawson, “The Future of National Government,” DUBLIN REVIEW (1935): 236-251. cd future of national government