The Mythic and Enchanted Childhood of Christopher Dawson (TIC)

Stories of glass and stone—which told of the holy and sainted—convinced young Christopher Dawson that a saint was a saint not because of his or her individual talents, but as a continuation of the deepest longings and desires… Read More

Dawson, “Religion and the Totalitarian State,” 1934

Source: Christopher Dawson, “Religion and the Totalitarian State,” The Criterion 14 (October 1934), 1-26. cd religion and the totalitarian state 1934

Table of Contents, Dublin Review, under Dawson’s Editorship

While this is probably of use only to scholars, it’s worth posting the entire Table of Contents of the DUBLIN REVIEW while under Christopher Dawson’s editorial leadership, 1940-1945.  Many of the name are good ones: Bernanos, Hollis, Tolkien,… Read More

Christopher Dawson, “EDITORIAL NOTE,” 1940–Dublin Review

While not well titled (typically, Dawsonian), the “Editorial Note” served as a vital call to arms for the Catholic Literary Movement of the 20th century.  Much like Russell Kirk’s “Apology for a New Review,” Dawson’s few paragraphs beautifully… Read More

Christopher Dawson, “Claims of Politics,” 1939

One of Christopher Dawson’s many pieces on the dangers of the New Leviathan and the rise of the modern state, something unique in world history, claiming the traditional roles of state as well as church. Source: “The Claims… Read More

Don Briel, Genuine Man of Brilliance and Integrity

As some of you no doubt know, Don Briel–now professor at the University of Mary in North Dakota, after a long career as the founder and fountainhead of the Catholic Studies Program at the University of St. Thomas… Read More

The Gray Eminence of Christopher Dawson

To put it simply (and perhaps a bit “simplistically”—but I prefer to think of it as putting it “with fervor”), Christopher Dawson was one of the greatest historians of the twentieth century, certainly one of its greatest men… Read More

The Pervasive Influence of Christopher Dawson

Though few—Catholic or otherwise—remember him now, Christopher Dawson once stood at the very center of the Catholic literary and intellectual revival the four decades preceding Vatican II.  “For Dawson is more like a movement than a man,” his… Read More

1959 Interview with Christopher Dawson


1961 Interview with Christopher Dawson

From THE AMERICA PRESS.  Enjoy. 1961-cd-interview

1964 Interviews with Maritain, Gilson, and Dawson

Some very nice United Nations’s interviews with Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, and Christopher Dawson. Enjoy.  (My apologies for my marginalia). un-interviews-jm-eg-cd-gkc  

Intro to the Medieval World (Full Lecture)

Still booking through western civilization–but on schedule, amazingly enough.  Here is the first lecture on the Medieval period.  Or, perhaps more accurately, why you should never call the Middle Ages, “dark.”  Here’s hoping you agree.