Francois Mauriac, GOD AND MAMMON (Full book)

One of the most important Christian Humanists of the 20th century, Francois Mauriac is largely now forgotten.  Here’s the book Mauriac wrote for Christopher Dawson’s edited series, ESSAYS IN ORDER.  It would be, technically, vol. 15, though it’s… Read More

T.E. Hulme,SPECULATIONS (Full Book)

T.E. Hulme’s posthumous masterpiece, SPECULATIONS.  Hulme was the first conservative of the twentieth-century, influencing almost too many figures to count–but most importantly T.S. Eliot and Christopher Dawson. First published in 1924, almost a decade after Hulme’s death in… Read More

SIDELIGHTS (1940) by Frank Sheed

A beautiful series of reflections on the nature of Christian Humanism in the 1920s and 1930s. Frank Sheed, as is well known, was the architect behind the Christian Humanist revival of the first 1/3 of the twentieth-century. sidelights… Read More


Dawson’s 1931 masterpiece, CHRISTIANITY AND THE NEW AGE, plus his introduction to his fourteen-volume series, ESSAYS IN ORDER. cd new age 1931

Christopher Dawson, BEYOND POLITICS (Full Book)

Enjoy this pdf of Dawson’s 1939 book, BEYOND POLITICS.  An extraordinary effort on great man’s part. cd beyond politics

MODERN DILEMMA by Christopher Dawson (full book)

A short but brilliant 1932 book by Christopher Dawson.  Well worth reading, especially in this insane and violent age. cd modern dilemma full book

Apocalypse ALWAYS

I will admit that this is possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever written. But, I will also admit, I had a blast writing it. Thanks, as always, to Winston Elliott III and Stephen M. Klugewicz for encouraging my… Read More

Frank Sheed Interviews Christopher Dawson, 1958

Excellent interview.  Two of the finest Christian humanists of the 20th century.  Enjoy. sheed interview dawson 1958

Christopher Dawson’s Dark Mirror

Another favorite Christian Humanist article–“The Dark Mirror” by Christopher Dawson. Note especially the “postscript” on intuition and imagination.  This is certainly Dawson’s most explicit examination of such. cd dark mirror

Dawson on Various Totalitarianisms, 1941

  In 1941, Dawson appraised the various fundamentalisms and totalitarianisms–from fascist to Puritan–of his day. cd on totalitarianism 1941

Christopher Dawson on the Future of Catholicism, 1942

  Fascinating look at the future of Catholicism as seen during World War II. cd on the future of catholicism

Frank Sheed Interviews Christopher Dawson, 1958

  Two of the most important men of the twentieth-century Catholic literary revival: Frank Sheed and Christopher Dawson. sheed interview dawson 1958